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French Protests Become Violent, German Speed Camera Smashed
Yellow Vest protest grew violent in France last week, and a German man kicked over a speed camera.

Yellow vest protest March 16Yellow Vest protesters had called for amped-up protests in France over the weekend. Instead, in the movement's eighteenth week, violence overshadowed the message as opportunists looted and set bonfires along the famous Champs-Elysees in Paris. In other parts of the capital, the demonstrations were peaceful and uneventful, but the numbers of participants remained low at 32,000 nationwide according to officials.

On Saturday, the speed camera on the RD13 in Chariez was set on fire after its glass lens was smashed and flammable liquid was poured inside. On Tuesday, the speed camera on the D12 in Bas-en-Basset was torched. So too was the camera on the D579 in Ouilly-le-Vicomte. In Martinique, four of the Caribbean island's twenty-one automated ticketing machines are unable to generate citations.

In Erfurt, Germany, a man on Thursday knocked over a mobile speed camera, damaging the equipment according to police in Thuringia.

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