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Progressive VMT chart
Maryland Academics Propose Income-Based Per-Mile Driving Tax
Proposal would double taxes on motorists by imposing an income-based per mile driving tax.

For academics at the University of Maryland (UMD), merely collecting a toll from drivers for every mile they drive is not enough. UMD College Park researchers Di Yang, Eirini Kastrouni and Lei Zhang insist in a recent academic paper that motorists should pay a proportionally higher tax that is based on their income. Published in the journal Transport Policy, the article argues that a new variable-rate vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax could supplement transportation funds being rapidly depleted b ...

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SFMTA logo
Report: No Safety Benefit From San Francisco, California Cameras
Annual report shows engineering improvements beat red light cameras for safety in San Francisco, California.

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Austin City Council
Texas: Group Calls On Austin To Refund Illegally Issued Photo Tickets
Campaign for Liberty calls on Austin, Texas to refund red light camera tickets issued without complying with state law.

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Burned French speed camera in Reims
French Speed Cameras Torched, Painted
Vigilantes across France used spraypaint and gasoline to disable speed cameras last week.

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Jean-Pierre Grand
French Lawmakers Seek To Re-Ban Facebook Speed Camera Warnings
French deputy cites homeland security law as precedent for a new law to ban anti-photo radar comments on Facebook.

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