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David Roberts
Speed Camera Firm Announces New Tactics
Speed camera firm Verra Mobility, formerly ATS, tells investors it will focus on school bus cameras.

American Traffic Solutions, now known as Verra Mobility, last week announced a new strategy to enhance profits. This was the first time that the newly public company has had to inform the Nasdaq about its financial performance for the quarter. The firm produced a set of adjusted results to show how operations fared, excluding the costs of merging a recently acquired toll road management firm with what used to be the core red light camera and speed camera business.
   "Looking forward, our future ...

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New Jersey Supreme Court
New Jersey Supremes Tosses Bogus Breathalyzer Results
New Jersey Supreme Court reopens thousands of DUI cases after breathalyzer miscalibration uncovered.

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Judges Allard and Mannheimer
Alaska: Court Bans Searching Gun Cases During Traffic Stops
Alaska Court of Appeals rules police cannot simply open and search a gun case during a traffic stop.

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Decorated French speed camera
France, South Africa: Speed Cameras Taken Out
Speed cameras in France and South Africa were once again disabled in a number of creative ways last week.

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Marc E. Dann
Ohio Judge To Rule On Ohio Speed Camera Legality
Class action lawsuit takes on speed camera tickets issued in a construction zone weeks after construction ended.

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