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Global warming
Trump Administration Will Shut Down Highway Greenhouse Gas Rule
Federal Highway Administration proposal rejects shift in focus on global warming in favor of fighting dirty tailpipe emissions.

The US Department of Transportation last week closed the public comment period on a plan that overturns the previous administration's greenhouse gas performance measurement rule. This regulation was originally designed to shift the focus of clean air rules away from pollutants and toward reducing carbon dioxide emissions, all in the name of fighting global warming.
   Under the 2012 transportation law known as MAP-21, Congress ordered the Federal Highway Administration to come up with performanc ...

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Gatso cameras
Oklahoma Tries Insurance Ticketing Cameras Again
District attorneys in Oklahoma sign contract to use automated ticketing machines to generate $44 million in revenue.

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Denver speed van crash
Colorado, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland: Speed Cameras Disabled
Speed cameras all across Europe fell to vigilantes last week while a photo radar van was taken out in an accident in Denver, Colorado.

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ATS Hertz
California Lawsuit Against ATS, Hertz Goes To Trial
Photo radar vendor ATS and car rental firm Hertz go to trial to defend against fraud charges brought by the city of San Francisco, California.

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Bill Seitz
Ohio Lawmaker Takes Another Shot At Speed Cameras
Ohio legislation would once again take aim at traffic cameras by eliminating the profit motive and allowing tickets to be contested in court.

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