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Kostopoulos Taurus pulled over
Florida Traffic Cop Convicted Of Shaking Down Drivers
Florida jury convicts Miami-Dade detective of stealing from drivers during traffic stops.

The tables turned on Miami-Dade, Florida Police Detective William Kostopoulos earlier this month as a jury found him guilty of pocketing money taken from drivers during traffic stops. According to evidence presented at trial, Kostopoulos, a member of the department's auto theft unit, specifically targeted illegal aliens, knowing that they would be hesitant to report the roadside theft.
   That expectation unraveled on September 13, 2013 as Hugo Gomez was driving north on 2nd Avenue in Homestead ...

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Jeremy McPike
Virginia Lawmaker Forces Toll Rate Transparency
Virginia Department of Transportation agrees to let drivers know in advance whether taking the toll lane saves time.

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Lance W. Clow
Idaho: Legislation Would Excuse Speeding While Passing
Lawmaker in Idaho proposes to allow some speeding while passing on two-lane roads.

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Blanketed Saudi speed camera
France, Italy, Saudi Arabi: Vigilantes Cover Speed Cameras
Speed cameras were covered in France and Saudi Arabia and kicked over in Italy last week.

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Judge Michael A. Oster
Ohio Town Ordered To Repay Every Speed Camera Ticket Issued
Court orders New Miami, Ohio to repay every cent collected from motorists from unconstitutional speed camera program.

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