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Spraypainted French speed camera
France: Two Speed Cameras Disabled
Vigilantes put a pair of speed cameras out of commission in France.

A pair of French speed cameras stopped issuing tickets last week thanks to the work of unknown vigilantes. In Yvelines, Info Normandie reports that black wrapping was used on Saturday to block the lens of the automated ticketing machine on the D13. This is the fourth attack on the device in the past few months. In Toussieu, it was pink spraypaint that disab ...

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Sensys Gatso Group
European Photo Radar Firm Reports Financial Loss
European photo radar giant Sensys Gatso announces $3.5 million third quarter loss to Swedish investors.

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Lisa Torraco and Daniel A. Ivey-Soto
New Mexico State Senators Attack Automoble Impounding
New Mexico lawmakers take aim at Albuquerque for ignoring law outlawing the civil forfeiture of automobiles.

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2nd Circuit courtroom
Federal Appeals Court Tosses Anti-Camera Suit
Second Circuit US Court of Appeals rejects civil rights lawsuit against Nassau County, New York camera vendor.

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Remi Gaillard
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Mocked
Speed cameras are mocked in France and smashed in Italy last week.

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