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Burnt Italian speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Targeted
Speed cameras in France and Italy fell last week to vigilante.

In Bologna, Italy on Tuesday, vigilantes set fire to three cameras. According to Il Resto del Carlino, the devices were located on the Via Porrettana between the towns of Sasso Marconi and Pontecchio Marconi. One of the cameras in Sasso Marconi had only been activated on May 15. In Reggello on Wednesday, red spraypaint was used to disable two out of the three speed cameras along the main route t ...

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ALPR map in New York state
New York High Court Upholds License Plate Scanning
New York Court of Appeals takes up plate reading case for the first time to grant law enforcement unlimited ability to scan vehicles.

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Traffic stop
Pennsylvania Appellate Court Revives Administrative Ticket Nightmare
Appellate court in Pennsylvania sends motorist back to square one on his four-year attempt to settle a speeding ticket.

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Car seat
Study Finds Car Seat, Seat Belt Laws Do Not Save Children
Medical researchers find that passing laws mandating car seats and seat belts has no impact on child traffic fatalities.

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Lynnwood logo
Motorists Sue Over Washington Traffic Camera Secrecy
Ongoing federal lawsuit seeks red light camera refunds because Lynnwood, Washington refused to publish safety data.

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