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Never speed cameras
French Speed Cameras Trashed
Motorcyclists continued to protest new regulations by bagging and tagging speed cameras in France.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
   In Couarde-sur-Mer, France, vigilantes on Wednesday partially cut into the pole for the speed camera on the Ile de Re, an island off the country's Atlantic coast. This is the second attack on an automated ticketing machine on the island in less than a month. In Caen, protes ...

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French motorcyclists protest
Motorcyclists Protest In France, Australian Photo Radar Van Smashed
French motorists disable every freeway speed camera in Toulouse, France. Australian photo radar van attacked.

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Tired speed camera
France, Germany: Tires And Spraypaint Take Down Speed Cameras
Five speed cameras were disabled in France and Germany last week using tires and spraypaint.

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Spraypainted German speed camera
Inaccurate Speed Camera Reading Triggers Vigilante Action
Spanish government refunded inaccurate speed camera tickets last week while cameras were disabled in France and Germany.

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Chouilly, France speed camera
Speed Cameras Damaged In France And Germany
Five speed cameras in France and Germany were disabled last week by fire or spraypaint.

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