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Motorcycle roadblock
US Senate Condemns Motorcycle Profiling
Non-binding resolution passes US Senate urging law enforcement to condemn the singling out of motorcyclists for traffic stops.

The US Senate on Tuesday adopted a non-binding resolution that condemns police departments that single out motorcyclists for traffic stops. The mostly symbolic measure calls on state law enforcement officials to condemn the practice.
   "The Senate promotes increased public awareness on the issue of motorcycle profiling; encourages collaboration and communication with the motorcycle community and law enforcement to engage in efforts to end motorcycle profiling; and urges state law enforcement o ...

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Pit maneuver
Federal Court Says Police Can Run Non-violent Suspects Off The Road
Federal appeals court supports state trooper who rammed a woman off the road for failing to stop within 42 seconds over a paperwork violation.

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NAS report cover
National Academies Report Demands $70 Billion In Highway Tolls, Taxes
Federally funded report explores the possibility of turning every mile of interstate highway into a toll road.

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Roy Lynem
Kentucky Court Upholds License Plate Scan Traffic Stops
Using a fallible license plate reader database check is good enough cause to conduct a traffic stop under Kentucky Court of Appeals ruling.

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French speed camera burns
French Speed Camera Revolt Intensifies
Speed camera casualty total rises to 870 across France while Dutch anti-camera activists decorate photo radar for Christmas.

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