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Burned French speed camera, December 2017
France: Speed Cameras Spraypainted, Scorched
Spraypaint and fire were used last week to disable a half dozen French speed cameras last week.

In Marnay-sur-Seine, France, a burning car was used to destroy the speed camera on the D619 on Saturday, L'Est Eclair reported. A similar fate befell the speed camera on the RN57 in La Cluse-et-Mijoux on Friday. According to L'Est Republicain

Louisiana Supreme Court
Louisiana Supreme Court Rejects Traffic Camera Challenge
High court in Louisiana tosses constitutional challenge to photo ticketing fairness on procedural grounds.

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Lamar Wright
Tasered Motorist Sues Ohio Town
Motorist sues Euclid, Ohio police after he is tasered and pepper sprayed for pulling into a driveway to make a phone call.

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Brice, Ohio
Ohio Speed Trap Town Busted By State Auditor
Brice, Ohio generates 73 percent of its revenue from speed cameras but fails to properly track the citations.

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Trooper Justin Summa
Pennsylvania Cops Settle After Sober Man Jailed For DUI
Man spent five months in prison after being falsely accused of drunk driving by Pennsylvania state trooper.

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