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US District Court, Northern District of Texas
Federal Judge Tosses Red Light Camera Lawsuit Filed Against Fifty-Three Cities
Federal court rules that a man can only sue the city and vendor that actually mailed him a red light camera ticket.

One man cannot file a lawsuit against every Texas city that uses red light cameras. That was the ruling Wednesday by US District Judge John McBryde in throwing out the wide-ranging suit filed in April by James H. Watson against fifty-three towns. The judge will hear Watson's arguments only against Southlake, the town that actually ticketed him, and its vendor, Redflex Traffic Solutions of Australia.
   "While the parties and the court devoted significant resources to the presentation of and reso ...

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Los Angeles Sheriff license plate reader
License Plate Camera Case Goes To California Supreme Court
Privacy advocates take California law enforcement to state Supreme Court over license plate readers.

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Freeway congestion
Vehicle Travel Reaches An All-Time High
US motorists drove more in the past month than they ever have, fully recovering from the 2007 recession.

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Drinking behind the wheel
Iowa: Court Allows Drinking Alcohol Allowed In Parking Lots
Iowa Court of Appeals rules that most traffic laws do not apply to parking lots.

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Anti-camera protest in France
France, Germany, Hong Kong: Speed Cameras Sacked, Burned
Fire, guns, trash bags and spraypaint take out photo radar units in France, Germany and Hong Kong.

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