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Expletive covered speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Swiped And Spraypainted
A handful of speed cameras in France and Italy were taken out of service last week.

In Louvigne-de-Bais, France, vigilantes covered the speed camera on the RD777 with blue spraypaint last week Sunday. According to Le Journal de Vitre, an expletive was also added on the side of the device. Red was the color of choice on the same day in Manche as the camera on the RD2 was disabled, read more >> 

Apartment parking lot
Virginia Supreme Court Says A Private Parking Lot Is Not A Highway
Virginia Supreme Court clears a man sleeping in a private parking lot of his conviction for refusing to take a drunk driving breath test.

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Houston police car
US Supreme Court Justices Spar Over Traffic Stop
Four justices spar over whether the US Supreme Court has a bias in favor of police officers.

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A Better Road Forward
Missouri Ballot Measure Would Outlaw Toll Roads
Activist group in Missouri circulates a ballot petition that would, if successful, outlaw toll roads in the state.

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Smith County, Texas Commissioners Court
Texas Judge Releases Secret Speed Camera Meeting Video
Activists secure court order to release tapes of secret speed camera negotiations between Smith County, Texas and American Traffic Solutions.

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