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Verra Mobility logo
Verra Mobility Loses $58 Million
The red light camera and tolling firm Verra Mobility (formerly ATS) struggles with profitability, faces $1 billion in liabilities.

Verra Mobility reported to Nasdaq investors on Monday that it lost $58 million in 2018. Last year, a private equity firm created Verra Mobility by merging Highway Toll Administration with red light camera operator American Traffic Solutions, but the costs of the combination have yet to pay off with the new entity facing total liabilities of $1 billion.
   "To service our indebtedness, we will require a significant amount of cash," Verra ...

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Senator Bob Hall, 3/20
Texas Senator Bob Hall Kills Red Light Camera Ban
Texas state senator moves to block House effort from banning red light cameras.

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Eric Chin
Federal Ticket Quota Drove Massachusetts State Police Scandal
Massachusetts state troopers busted for failing to meet the federal ticket quota and writing bogus tickets.

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Travis James Morsette
North Dakota Supremes: Drivers Can Tap On Cell Phone Screen
Being seen tapping a few times on a cell phone screen does not justify a traffic stop, the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled.

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Yellow vest protest March 16
French Protests Become Violent, German Speed Camera Smashed
Yellow Vest protest grew violent in France last week, and a German man kicked over a speed camera.

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