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Dick Traini
Alaska Politicians Seek To Revive Banned Red Light Camera Program
Local politicians in Anchorage, Alaska propose ballot measure undermining the photo enforcement ban drafted and enacted by voters in 1997.

Residents of Anchorage, Alaska were third in the nation to rise up against the use of automated ticketing machines. In 1997, a citizen-led signature drive gave the public a chance to weigh in on the issue at the ballot box, and a majority decided to adopt a comprehensive prohibition on the use of red light cameras and speed cameras. A handful of city politicians intend to undo this ballot measure in a process that begins this Friday.

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NTTA headquarters
Texas: Lawsuit Battles Toll Road Over Bankruptcy Law Violation
Federal lawsuit accuses North Texas Tollway Authority of illegally attempting to collect on debt discharged in bankruptcy proceedings.

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Napa crash chart
Napa, California Considers Doing Business With Redflex
The city council in Napa, California will vote on whether to continue doing business with the embattled red light camera vendor.

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Swedish speed camera
Sweden: Vigilantes Disable Speed Camera
A Swedish speed camera is repaired after having been taken out by vigilantes.

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Ferrari Modena
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Ferrari Confiscation
US Court of Appeals says county was right to confiscate Ferrari from owner before he was convicted of DUI.

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