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Spraypainted speed camera in France
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Sprayed Again
Four speed cameras were disabled last week in Germany and France with a simple can of spraypaint.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
   In Germany, unknown vigilantes succeeded in disabling a pair of speed cameras, according to local police reports. On Sunday, August 31, the automated ticketing machine on Ravensburger Strasse in Markdorf was rendered inoperable by a daub of paint. Likewise, one day earlier, the mobile speed camera set up to trap motorists on Brockhauser Weg in Luedenscheid was blinded the with brown paint that could not be removed.
   On Thursday, vigil ...

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Kari Lake
Photo Radar Opponents Sweep Arizona GOP Primary
Political change in Arizona could mean trouble for the companies that operate red light cameras and speed cameras in the state.

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German speed camera burns
Speed Cameras Smashed, Slashed, Scorched In Australia, France, Germany, UK
European vigilantes took out a handful of speed cameras last week, while an Australian camera contributed to accidents.

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Speed camera blocker
Thwarting Of Speed Cameras Continues In France, Italy, UK
A handful of speed cameras were blocked or disabled last week across Europe.

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Italian speed camera knocked down
Photo Radar Triggering Accidents, Opposition Worldwide
Speed cameras were destroyed by accidents they failed to prevent in the UK as well as vigilante action worldwide last week.

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