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Geico logo
Pennsylvania Supremes Side With Motorcyclist Over Geico
Attempt by insurance giant Geico to underpay the claim of a motorcyclist struck down by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Geico's refusal to fully cover a motorcyclist's underinsured motorist claim violated Pennsylvania law, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. The high court's decision nullifies hidden clauses in insurance policies that attempt to evade paying "stacked" coverage for all of a household's vehicles unless the customer explicitly chooses to decline the more generous coverage.
   Brian Gallagher had turned to Geico to insure his motorcycle and two family automobiles. Geico decided to treat the moto ...

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Interstate 81
Virginia Considers Cameras To Issue Tickets On Alternate Routes Around Toll Road
Plan to toll Virginia interstate creates photo ticketing system to cite people who take alternate routes to avoid tolls.

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Steven Mello
Study Finds Traffic Ticket Debt Hits Poor Hardest
Economic analysis of 3.7 million Florida traffic tickets reveals a disproportionately negative impact on low-income motorists.

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Macron grand debate
French Government Retreats From Lowered Speed Limits
French government signals potential to make more concessions to yellow vest protesters. Speed cameras under attack in Belgium, Germany and Italy.

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AFP and DOJ logos
Australia Lets Redflex Off The Hook
Redflex says the Australian Federal Police have declined to prosecute the firm for red light camera bribery in the United States.

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