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Red Light Camera Challenge Heads To Texas Supremes
Lawyer asks Texas Supreme Court to overturn ruling giving free pass to cities ignoring motorist protections in state red light camera law.

The nine justices of the Texas Supreme Court have the opportunity to decide whether the cities that use red light camera have to follow the law or not. Attorney Russell J. Bowman is asking the high court to overturn last month's Court of Appeals decision that gave a free pass to the city of Richardson for its failure to conduct a formal engineering study before handing Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia the right to issue $75 traffic tickets at intersections.
   A three-judge appellate panel d ...

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Aurora City Council
Aurora, Colorado Voters To Decide Photo Radar Fate
Ballot measure asks residents in Aurora, Colorado whether they want the red light camera program to continue.

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Lucas County courthouse
Cities Play games with Ohio Speed Camera Law
Defiant Ohio speed trap towns caught certifying compliance with the photo radar law they have ignored.

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Patriotic French speed camera
France, Italy, Zambia: Speed Cameras Trashed
Dozens of speed cameras were painted, grabbed, burned and blown up across Africa and Europe last week.

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Judge Myron Duhart
Toledo Refuses To Accept Ohio Supreme Court Verdict
Toledo, Ohio files new lawsuit to save $2.3 million in speed camera revenue.

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