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Gas pump
Special Interests Spend Big To Save California Gas Tax
Gas tax enthusiasts outspend opponents 4-to-1 in battle to convince California voters to keep a $5.1 billion increase.

Pro-motorist groups looking to overturn California's $5.1 billion gasoline tax hike are facing an uphill battle. The forces allied in support of Proposition 6, which reverses the gas tax increase, are being outspent 4-to-1 by a coalition consisting of the construction industry, labor unions, local government lobbyists and well-funded transit advocates. Voters will head to the polls November 6 after being barraged by ads warning of the dangers of cutting back on spending.
   In 2017, the Democrat ...

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Judge Virginia M. Kendall
Ex-Wife Of Red Light Camera Convict Wins Payday
Federal judge sides with claim of ex-wife to pension fund contributions from Chicago, Illinois official who took Redflex bribes.

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Antispeed camera poster
France, Italy, Russia: Speed Cameras Burned, Bashed, Blinded
Speed cameras in France, Italy and Russia came under fire -- and spraypaint -- last week.

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Anticor PNF logo
French Government Investigates Speed Camera Corruption
French financial prosecutor opens formal investigation into corruption allegation involving a speed camera company.

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David Poirier
Dallas, Texas Renews Deal With Corruption Tainted Camera Company
The photo enforcement company that bankrupted Dallas County Schools in Texas has renewed its deal after a rebranding.

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