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Supreme Court building
US Supreme Court Overturns Criminal Penalty For DUI Blood Draw Refusal
Motorists may not suffer criminal penalties for refusing to submit to a blood draw in DUI cases.

States went too far in imposing criminal sanctions on anyone refusing to submit to a blood draw when accused of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). The US Supreme Court reached this verdict Thursday.
   In delivering the opinion of the court, Justice Samuel Alito pointed out that one out of every five DUI suspects today refuses to submit to a breath test when arrested. This is largely a result of the escalating penalties that are imposed for DUI convictions. Because the suspect's coope ...

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Experian, Equifax, TransUnion logo
Credit Agencies Order Cities To Stop Reporting Unpaid Tickets
Local governments lose a key tool used to force motorists to pay automated ticketing fines.

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Edward Joseph Strieff
US Supreme Court Allows Gathering Evidence Through Illegal Traffic Stops
US Supreme Court allows police to keep evidence obtained from illegal searches if an unpaid traffic ticket is found after the fact.

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Judge Joel Baker
Texas Judge Arrested Over Illegal Speed Camera Contract
Smith County, Texas judge arrested for holding a secret meeting to sign a speed camera contract.

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Piazza Garibaldi
France, Italy, San Marino, UK: Speed Cameras Mocked, Disabled
Vigilantes around the world found unique ways to express their displeasure toward speed cameras last week.

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