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Guy Sample
Washington Appeals Court Convicts Kiddie Pool Motorcyclist
Conviction upheld for speeding motorcyclist caught in a failed attempt to hide his bike under a kiddie pool.

Washington state's second highest court on Tuesday upheld the conviction of a speeding motorcyclist who attempted to get away from police by hiding his vehicle under a children's swimming pool. At around 8 in the morning on July 21, 2014, Guy Milton Sample III was riding on a silver motorcycle with his wife on State Route 507 in Roy. A local police officer, Tillman Atkins, saw an opportunity to write a traffic citation.
   Officer Atkins activated his lights and siren, but the motorcycle kept go ...

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License plate reader
Virginia Court Says License Plate Tracking Is Legal
Fairfax County, Virginia court rejects ACLU lawsuit designed to stop police tracking via license plate cameras.

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Road sign
Quebec, Canada Court Strikes Down Speed Camera Program
Justice of the peace in Quebec, Canada strikes down photo radar evidence as unreliable.

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Proposed visor label
US Transportation Department Wants More Sun Visor Stickers
Administration proposes to add an unremovable sun visor sticker advertising a government website for complaints.

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Spraypainted white
France: Speed Cameras Torched, Blinded
Fire and spraypaint took several speed cameras out of commission in France last week.

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