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Djuane Lamar McPhaul
Indiana: Federal Court Denies Motorist Right To Stop In Safe Location
Federal judge rules that waiting to pull over in a safe, well-lit location is equivalent to resisting arrest.

The use of unmarked police cars in many states puts motorists in a bind. When they see flashing lights in the rear view mirror, they can either pull over immediately in a dark, sketchy location and take their chances that the lights are not those of an impersonator, or they can drive for a few moments to stop in a safe, public location and risk being treated to a hostile stop and search of their vehicle by legitimate police. A precedent set earlier this month by a ...

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Stop sign camera warning
California Appeal Court Backs Stop Sign Cameras
Appellate court notes that the California legislature slipped in a provision to rescue the legality of stop sign cameras.

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Patrick J. Keating
Illinois: Chicago Defends Use Of Illegally Short Yellow Times
After his last red light camera case tied in the Illinois Supreme Court,

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Officer Mike Tamez
Federal Appeals Court Declares Air Fresheners Suspicious
US Court of Appeals rules that driving with air fresheners creates reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

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Spraypainted camera in Lussac
France: Speed Cameras Defaced, Burned
Fire and spraypaint disabled speed cameras throughout France last week.

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