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Tobias Diggs
Federal Court: Warrant Needed For Car Dealer GPS Spying
US District Court rules that police must get a warrant before downloading location data from a dealer installed GPS system.

If police officers want to use a dealer-installed GPS system to track a driver, they need to get a warrant. That was the ruling Monday by US District Judge Gary Feinerman who ruled in favor of an accused watch thief who was caught because the getaway car, a silver 2003 Lexus RX, had a tracking device installed by the dealer. The issue before the federal court was not the robbery itself, but whether police violated the law by turning to a third party to obtain GPS location data on a motorist with ...

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Sweetwater, Florida election machines
Sweetwater, Florida Residents Vote Down Red Light Cameras
Voters in Sweetwater, Florida use the ballot box to reject the use of red light cameras by a vote of 81 to 19 percent.

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Verra Mobility
Verra Mobility Returns To Profitability
The speed camera firm formerly known as American Traffic Solutions reports its first profitable quarter, though $1 billion in debt remains.

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Jair Bolsonaro
Brazil, France, UK: Speed Camera Opposition Intensifies
President of Brazil called for photo radar elimination, UK man blocked a camera and French devices were torched and spraypainted last week.

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Mark E. Robinson
Whistleblower Speed Camera Cop Defeats DC
Unsuccessful challenge to the cop who blew the whistle on the speed camera program costs Washington, DC an extra $40,507 in legal fees.

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