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Bill Seitz
Ohio Lawmaker Takes Another Shot At Speed Cameras
Ohio legislation would once again take aim at traffic cameras by eliminating the profit motive and allowing tickets to be contested in court.

The Ohio General Assembly has been reluctant to ban red light cameras and speed cameras. Instead of outright repealing the authorization granted by the state for their use, lawmakers in 2014 passed a handful of minor restrictions (view law) and called it a ban. Even this was too much for the state Supreme Court which ruled in July that restrictions that failed to serve an "overriding statewide purpose" were invalid (view ruling). ...

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Grace Family Church
California Supremes: Church Not Responsible For Jaywalking Parishoners
California Supreme Court says a property owner is not liable for hazards on nearby public streets.

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Sleepy driver
Sleepy Drivers Kill More Than Red Light Runners
Federal statistics show more people are killed by drivers asleep at the wheel than by those exceeding the speed limit or running a red light.

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Austrian speed camera van
Austria, France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Egged, Spraypainted, Scorched
Eggs, fire and spraypaint were used to take out speed cameras in Europe and the Middle East last week.

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Solomon Curve
Government Study In 1964 Revealed Dangerously Slow Drivers
Report from precursor to US Department of Transportation found driving slower than the flow of traffic is dangerous.

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