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Remi Gaillard
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Mocked
Speed cameras are mocked in France and smashed in Italy last week.

French comic Remi Gaillard on Thursday released a second YouTube video taunting speed camera operators (view the video). While encouraging passing vehicles to speed, Gaillard positioned a woman in a bikini, a married couple and a soccer team in front of the automated ticketing machine so that they would appear in photographs, instead of nearby automobiles. In Orte, Italy, vigilantes smashed a decoy speed camera on Tuesday. The

Redflex strategy
Redflex CEO Confirms Photo Enforcement On The Decline
Redflex admits there is no more room for growth in the US red light camera or speed camera market.

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David Lim
California City Bucks Trend, Gives Redflex A Chance
San Mateo, California gives Redflex 90 days to answer public concerns about the red light camera program.

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Air freshener photo by Pal Berge
Virginia Court Upholds Air Freshener Stop
Virginia Court of Appeals allows police to stop and search cars for having air fresheners hanging from the rearview mirror.

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Judge Daniel G. Pelikan
Missouri Judge Upholds Public Right To Oust Red Light Cameras
Court rejects attempt by Missouri cities to block a public vote outlawing the use of red light cameras.

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