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Swedish speed camera
Sweden: Vigilantes Disable Speed Camera
A Swedish speed camera is repaired after having been taken out by vigilantes.

In Harnosand, Sweden, vigilantes disabled a speed camera on the E4 last week, Allehanda reported. The Swedish Transport Administration began putting up cameras in the town of 18,000 in 2015 and was anxious to get the lucrative device repaired and back into service. ...

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Ferrari Modena
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Ferrari Confiscation
US Court of Appeals says county was right to confiscate Ferrari from owner before he was convicted of DUI.

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Wheelchair crossing
Oregon Appeals Court Rejects DUI In A Wheelchair
The disabled are pedestrians not subject to drunk driving charges when they cross the street in a wheelchair according to Oregon court.

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Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio Supreme Court Hears Speed Camera Arguments
Highest court in Ohio hears oral arguments in case that will decide whether the General Assembly can limit the use of speed cameras.

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Traffic calming
UK: Speed Bumps, Traffic Calming Killed 23 Motorists
Government statistics show traffic calming measures caused 1607 accidents in Great Britain over ten years.

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