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Speed camera crash in Italy
Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cams Taken Out By Gunfire, Accidents
Speed camera causes injury accident in Italy while Saudis use guns to thwart automated ticketing.

A speed camera van was involved in a three-car injury crash in Rome, Italy last week Monday. Il Messaggero reported that two police officers had set up a mobile speed trap at 10:30am on the Via Leone XIII. A van saw the camera and slammed on its brakes to avoid receiving a citation. The Fiat Panda following behind did not stop in time, and the resulting collision kn ...

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Emmanuel Macron
Incoming French President To Continue Anti-Motorist Policies
Emmanuel Macron becomes the French president Sunday after pledging to expand speed camera use and raise taxes on fuel.

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Thomas F. Patton
Ohio Lawmaker Challenges Expanded Speed Camera Use
Dayton, Ohio adopts ordinance to spread photo radar while House majority whip introduces bills to crack down on small town speed cameras.

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Anne T. McCartt
Iowa Court Rejected IIHS Expert Witness
State of Iowa successfully argued in court that the insurance industry had no business sending an expert witness to speed camera litigation.

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Garland Police Lieutenant Pedro J. Barineau
Texas Cops Get Overtime For Supporting Red Light Cameras
Texas cops spend 7 minutes lobbying for red light cameras while billing taxpayers for a full day of work.

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