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Green spraypaint speed camera
France, Luxembourg, Sweden: Speed Cameras Attacked
Spraypaint, tar and fireworks put several European speed cameras out of commission last week.

In Lipperscheid, Luxembourg, vigilantes took out a speed camera with fireworks last Monday. According to Luxemburger Wort, the automated ticketing machine on the N7 has since been repaired. In Strangnas, Sweden, vigilantes covered the lenses of a newly installed speed camera with tar last Monday, read more >> 

Judge Virginia M. Kendall
Federal Judge Refuses To Dismiss Redflex Bribe Case
US district judge denies motion to set aside jury verdict in Redflex corruption trial.

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Andy Taylor
Texas: Camera Company Lawyer Embraces Ballot Referendum Reform
Red light camera company lawyer calls for reform of the ballot initiative process in Texas.

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AAA debris report cover
Study: Road Debris Responsible For 500 Deaths
AAA study finds 500 motorists died over four years in accidents caused by debris falling in the road.

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New York State Thruway
New York: Court Declares Toll Diversion Illegal
Federal judge finds New York toll road system violated the constitution by using motorist funds to subsidize recreational facilities.

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