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Cyprus photo radar van shot
New Zealand Police Charged In Speed Camera Fatality
New Zealand Police charged in deadly crash involving a speed camera. More shots fired a photo radar van in Cyprus while cameras were disabled in France, Germany last week.

New Zealand's workplace health and safety regulator Worksafe has levied charges against New Zealand Police following an investigation into an incident last year in which a speed camera operation went tragically wrong. On August 30, 2021, a speed camera van was parked behind a bridge on Upper Harbour Highway in Greenhithe when it was struck by a gray Subaru Forester. The 58-year-old Subaru driver died while the 72-year-old camera van driver suffered critical injuri ...

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Captured Russian drone
Russia Accused Of Stealing Swedish Speed Cameras For Drone Attacks
Swedish media claims Russians swiped speed camera equipment for use against Ukraine. Vigilantes in in Cyprus, France, Germany disabled cameras with fire, paint.

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Red paint on speed camera
Shots Fired At Photo Radar Van In Cyprus, Cameras Blinded In France, Italy
Shots were fired at a photo radar van in Cyprus, while speed cameras in France and Italy were torched or spraypainted last week.

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Speed camera in a ditch
Rise In Attacks On Photo Radar In New Mexico, France, Germany
Speed cameras are increasingly being disabled in New Mexico, Canada, France and Germany.

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Blocking a speed camera van inWales
Speed Camera Blocking On The Rise Worldwide
Speed camera blocking on the rise in Wales and Australia, while cameras were rammed and blinded in France and Germany last week.

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