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God Bless America license plate
US Appeals Court Outlaws Frames On God Bless America Plate
Three-judge federal panel declares an eagle frame on a God Bless America plate unlawful in Alabama.

A soaring eagle has no place on an Alabama "God Bless America" license plate, the Eleventh Circuit US Court of Appeals ruled last month. A three-judge panel took up the case of Roger Lardrell McCullough, who was pulled over not because he had committed a driving offense or because a police officer saw him doing anything wrong, but because an automated license plate reader (ALPR, also known as ANPR in Europe) did not like the frame on his license plate. The District Court in Alabama issued a mand ...

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Rusty Patched photo by Dan Mullen vis US FWS
Bumblebee Blocks Illinois Toll Road Construction
US district judge calls a halt to toll road construction over the potential to annoy bumblebees.

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NJ state trooper
Court Cancels Free Rides For Cops On New Jersey Toll Roads
New Jersey appellate court rejects state trooper union plea to restore free rides for commuting cops on state toll roads.

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Velbert, Germany speed camera
France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Blow Up
Spraypaint, fire and accidents surrounded speed cameras all across Europe last week.

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Dim lights
Michigan Appeals Court Turns Dim Tail Lights Into A Crime
Michigan Court of Appeals creates a new crime of driving with one dim tail light.

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