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Tony Porter
UK Government Wants Speed Camera Friendly License Plates
The top priority for the official UK surveillance privacy watchdog is making it easier for cameras to issue tickets.

The UK government is pushing for a redesign of license plates so that machines like speed cameras can read them more easily. Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter introduced the recommendation Monday in his annual report on the 2.2 billion (US $3 billion) spy camera industry. While he did call for more transparency regarding the use of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR, known as ALPR in the US), his ultimate recommendation would expand their capabilities significantly. "I have ...

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Force Multiplier Solutions
Texas: Guilty Plea In School Bus Camera Bribery Scam
First guilty plea to money laundering entered in Dallas, Texas school bus camera scandal.

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Monument speed camera
New Mexico, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Taken Out In The New Year
Vigilantes around the world ring in the new year with speed camera decorations and fire.

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Seized meth
Utah: Cop Cannot Provoke A Violation To Justify A Traffic Stop
Federal judge rejects traffic stop conducted by Utah cop who prompted a motorist to move out of his way on the interstate.

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Wrapped speed camera
France, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, UK: Ambulance Flattens Speed Camera
Vigilantes throughout the world celebrated the holidays by disabling speed cameras.

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