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Crashed school bus
US DOT Report: School Bus Drivers Remain Greatest Danger To Kids
In ten years, only four children nationwide have ever been killed by motorists passing a school.

Motorists illegally passing school buses are not harming school children in large numbers. Figures released last week by the US Department of Transportation confirm once again that school bus drivers are three times more likely to run over a child than cars traveling near the school bus. The new report covers the year 2014, in which a total of 7 pedestrians nationwide were struck and killed by automobiles, SUVs and trucks near a school bus compared to 21 that were run over by the school bus i ...

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Judge Patricia A. Riley
Indiana: Court Rejects Arrest Of Woman Who Ran Over Self
Indiana Court of Appeals rejects traffic stop of a woman who had run over herself with her BMW.

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Redflex attorney William B. Berndt
Redflex Attacks Former Executive
Redflex attorneys paint the former executive vice president as a schemer in order to get him booted from a $300 million fraud lawsuit.

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Marysville City Council
Another California City Poised To Dump Red Light Cameras
Marysville may soon join more than sixty California cities that have canceled their red light camera programs.

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Camera watching camera
Canada, France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Scratched, Scorched
A camera watching a speed camera fails to do its job in Italy. Vigilantes continue to disable photo radar around the world.

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