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Sacramento County Grand Jury
Another California Grand Jury Knocks Red Light Cameras
Grand jury finds deception in the management of the Citrus Heights, California red light camera program.

More than sixty cities have dropped the use of red light cameras in California, but the industry's woes do not end there. The potential of a federal investigation looms as former executives at Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia admitted they bribed government officials in the Golden State. On top of this, the Sacramento County Grand Jury issued a report this week blasting the city of Citrus Heights for mismanaging its contract wit ...

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Gov. Bobby Jindal
New Presidential Candidate Vetoes Photo Ticketing Bill
Louisiana governor vetoes insurance ticketing license plate reader legislation days before announcing presidential run.

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Photo Enforcement Industry Consolidates In Europe
Sensys of Sweden merges with Gatso of The Netherlands to form European photo ticketing giant while Redflex shrinks.

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Texas SCV license plate
US Supreme Court Approves License Plate Censorship
Divided US Supreme Court ruling allows states to reject specialty license plates based on the viewpoint expressed.

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Decapitated speed camera
France, Norway: Speed Cameras Disabled
Vigilantes warn of speed cameras and disable them in France and Norway.

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