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Golden Gate Bridge
California City Sues American Traffic Solutions Over Rental Cars
San Francisco, California argues the ATS-Hertz rental car PlatePass program is an illegal scam.

San Francisco, California believes American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has been defrauding the public. The city earlier this month filed suit against ATS and its business partner, Hertz, over the $24.75 maximum PlatePass "convenience fee" that can be charged to automobile renters who cross the Golden Gate Bridge just once. "Customers neither choose the service, nor receive sufficient notice to avoid it," San Francisco City Attorney Dennis J. Herrera explained. "They neither receive its supposed ...

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Randall L. Kallinen
Texas Appeals Court Slams Houston For Refusing Camera Document Request
Texas Court of Appeals says Houston is on the hook for legal bills in battle over red light camera records.

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Kansas Supreme Court
Kansas Supreme Court Declares Reclined Seats Suspicious
A car with a reclined seat and a torn plastic bag can be searched without a warrant under Kansas Supreme Court ruling.

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State Senator Bob Hall
Texas Lawmakers Balk At Genuine Red Light Camera Repeal
Red light camera supporters in Texas use grandfather clause to thwart legislation banning the devices.

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Kicked over Italian speed camera
France, Italy: Fire, Paint, Kicks Take Down Speed Cameras
Throughout France and Italy, vigilantes use time-tested methods to prevent the issuance of photo radar tickets.

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