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TxDOT testimony
Texas Lawmakers Review Cost Of Eliminating Toll Roads
Texas state Senate committee sees $36.7 billion cost to eliminate toll booths on all highways.

Texas lawmakers interested removing the toll booths from state highways were hit by sticker shock on Wednesday. The state Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday heard testimony from Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) witnesses who explained that the total cost of going toll-free would be $36.7 billion due to the complex nature of the transactions involved. "Unlike a mortgage or car loan, which can typically be paid off at any time, long-term fixed-rate toll revenue bonds general ...

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Corpus Christi city council
Corpus Christi, Texas Residents Seek Camera Ban
Petition effort in Corpus Christi, Texas likely to place red light camera ban on the ballot next year.

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Dulles Greenway
Virginia Supreme Court Endorses Permanent Toll Hikes
Virginians can expect steadily rising tolls under a state Supreme Court ruling limiting public control of the rates.

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Image by Chris Potter, via
Redflex Bagman Sentenced, Bribe Recipient Appeals
Man who took red light camera bribes appeals his sentence. Man who distributed the cash gets six months in prison.

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White spraypaint, French speed camera
DC, France: Speed Cameras Attacked
Vigilantes take out a speed camera in the US capital while French motorists continue to use spraypaint to disable the devices.

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