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Los Alamitos City Council
Report: Southern California Red Light Cameras Fail To Reduce Accidents
Analysis finds no safety improvement from red light cameras in Garden Grove and Los Alamitos, California.

Red light cameras are disappearing from California. Once the state had more than a hundred cities using automated ticketing machines, but by now a greater number of jurisdictions have canceled their programs than have functional cameras. On Monday, the Los Alamitos city council decided to keep its cameras despite a new report showing the devices have not improved safety. Jay Beeber, Executive Director of Safer Streets LA, provided his analysis of the s ...

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Judge Timothy L. Easter
Tennessee Court Highlights Ability Of Private Citizen To Conduct Traffic Stops
Private citizens in Tennessee can make traffic stops and arrests for speeding and other traffic infractions.

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Burnt Italian speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Burned, Painted, Toppled
Vigilantes burn a pair of Italian speed cameras and spraypaint four more in France.

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Karen Finley
Redflex Stock Collapses In Wake Of Turmoil
After former top executive pleads guilty to corruption in Chicago, Illinois, Redflex Traffic System stock drops to an all-time low.

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License plate frame
Federal Appeals Court Defends Use Of License Plate Frames
Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals overturns conviction based on a traffic stop over a license plate frame.

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