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Judge James C. Cacheris
Virginia Activist Appeals Ruling Over Diversion Of Toll Road Money
Virginia free market advocate asks US Court of Appeals to overturn decision protecting the diversion of toll road revenue to transit.

Free market advocate Phil Kerpen is not backing down from his argument that the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) is violating the law when it takes toll money from motorists to fund a transit project. Since 2008, MWAA has used Virginia's Dulles Toll Road to finance a $2.8 billion Metrorail project. Last month, US District Judge James C. Cacheris said he was just fine with that. Kerpen's attorneys this week filed additional paperwork petitioning the Fourth Circuit US Court of ...

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Winnipeg photo radar van
Canada: Government Ombudsman Slams Speed Cam Secrecy
Manitoba, Canada ombudsman orders Winnipeg to release photo radar information to the public.

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Pennsylvania: Federal Court Upholds Headphone Traffic Stop
Federal court in Pennsylvania upholds traffic stop of man wearing Beats by Dre headphones behind the wheel.

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Coteaux speed camera
China, France: Speed Cameras Taken Out
Several speed cameras in China and France were painted and smashed last week.

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Crash rate map
Five Of The Six Safest States Ban Photo Ticketing
While the nationwide road fatality rate increased slightly, many of the safest states have banned red light cameras and speed cameras.

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