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Bill Seitz
Ohio House Votes To Withhold Speed Camera Cash
House-passed Ohio transportation funding bill would withhold some state cash from big cities that use speed cameras.

The Ohio state House of Representatives on Thursday voted 71 to 27 to approve a broad package of transportation measures designed, among other things, to discourage some use of speed cameras. The measure, which has yet to be considered in the state Senate, replaces administrative hearings for photo tickets with trials that would be heard in an actual court, with the locality footing the bill for the court fees in advance. Similar language was introduced last year by House Majority Leader Bill ...

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Yellow vest protest
France, Italy, UK: Speed Camera Destruction Roundup
Anti-speed camera actions continued throughout England, France, Italy and Luxembourg last week.

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Brian Hofer
California: Innocent Driver Sues Over License Plate Camera Arrest
A privacy advocate sues California cops after he and his brother are arrested at gunpoint because of a mistaken license plate camera hit.

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Tim Sheldon
Washington Lawmakers Consider Blocking Local Tolls, Allowing Lane Splitting
Washington state bills would block a rural congestion tax and local tolls, allow lane splitting. Utah lane filtering bill goes to governor.

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Honda Civic LX
Honda Sues Over Massachusetts Car Confiscation
Honda files lawsuit to strike down Massachusetts car impounding statute as unconstitutional for its failure to take innocent lienholders into account.

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