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Federal Agency Proposes Return Of Drug Testing Roadblocks
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to bring back voluntary surveys testing for drugs at DUI roadblocks.

Local police agencies caused a stir three years ago by setting up roadblocks around the country designed to "voluntarily" swab motorists for drug use. The heavy handed tactics used at these locations sparked a lawsuit and the ire of at least one US senator, forcing the agencies to retreat -- for a time. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced last week that it is bringing back the controversial program. "This study will estimate the ...

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Traffic stop
States Resist Speed Trap Transparency
State offices receiving federal speed trap funds urge administration to drop legal requirement to survey speed camera usage nationwide.

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Judge Elaine Brown
Indiana: Court Upholds Stop For Unexpired Registration
Indiana Court of Appeals upholds traffic stop of a vehicle pulled over several hours before its registration expired.

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Speed camera pulled down
France, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Sabotaged
Speed cameras throughout the world were spraypainted and swiped last week.

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Jeremy Felder
New Jersey Appellate Court Upholds Public Right To Cop Dashcam Video
Appellate court in New Jersey upholds the right of the public to see videos from police dashcams.

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