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Highway box in Italy
France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Disconnected, Disabled
European vigilantes take out photo radar devices with rocks, wire cutters, and bare hands.

In Ravenna, Italy, vigilantes disabled a speed camera near San Vitale on Wednesday by cutting the power. The pair of cables feeding the automated ticketing machine were neatly severed. Provincial authorities tried to keep the incident secret for fear that others would copy the simple attack method, Il Resto del Carlino reported. In Benevento, vigilantes knocked out the glass windows of a roadside box us ...

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Radar gun
Iowa: Federal Judge Upholds 1 MPH Traffic Stop
Federal court gives police authority to stop any motorist for driving 1 MPH over the limit.

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William Barboza
Federal Judge Exonerates Potty Mouth Speeding Ticket Recipient
Court green lights lawsuit against Liberty, New York for arresting motorist who wrote a nasty note about a speeding ticket.

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NLG and TCRP logos
Civil Rights Groups Ask Supreme Court To Rethink Border Roadblocks
National Lawyers Guild and Texas Civil Rights Project file amicus brief urging US Supreme Court to rein in suspicionless roadblocks.

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Carl Andrews Boggs
North Carolina Ignores Fraud To Build Toll Road
North Carolina pushes forward on building toll road despite fraud convictions involving prime contractor.

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