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Meter maid in Keene, NH
New Hampshire: Supreme Court Victory For Parking Ticket Vigilantes
New Hampshire Supreme Court upholds the right to protest against meter maids.

New Hampshire's highest court last week upheld the free speech rights of a group that began feeding parting meters in Keene to protest what they saw as a municipal cash grab. Keene Officials were so irate that they sued the group, Robin Hood of Keene, claiming it was interfering with the city's contract with the meter maids. The city sought to create a "safety zone" prohibiting anyone from coming within a 50-foot radius of a meter maid for the purpose of video recording or "communicating with ...

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Virginia M. Kendall
Illinois: Red Light Camera Bribery Trial Stays In Chicago
Federal judge turns back attempt to move Redflex bribery trial out of Chicago, Illinois.

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Burned camera in Muizon
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Burn
Vigilantes use fire to attack automated ticketing machines in France and Italy.

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Changing Lanes
Virginia Motorists Fight Back Against Excessive Toll Road Fines
Virginia drivers form group to battle excessive toll road penalties.

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Andy Douglas
Ohio Legislature To Force Cities To Comply With Camera Restrictions
Ohio General Assembly to withhold funding from cities that defy the state law limiting speed camera use.

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