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Jerry Paul Carroll
Alabama: Veteran Takes Camera Ticket To Federal Court
Federal countersuit to a red light camera ticket will cost Redflex and Phenix City, Alabama much more than $100.

A military veteran in Phenix City, Alabama does not appreciate how the town has been targeting Fort Benning soldiers. So Jerry Paul Carroll decided to turn the tables on Phenix City and its vendor, Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia. When he was charged with violating the city's red light camera ordinance, he filed a counterclaim that is now being heard in a federal courtroom. On Monday, US Magistrate Judge Gray M. Borden gave Carroll until the end of next week to convince him that the case sh ...

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Credit cards
California Toll Roads Accused Of Privacy Breach
Class action lawsuit goes after California toll roads for illegal disclosure of credit card information.

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Street race
Los Angeles, California To Seize Spectator Cars
Los Angeles, California city council wants to confiscate cars from street race spectators.

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Israel Leija Jr
US Supreme Court Sides With Cops In Deadly Police Chase
US Supreme Court grants immunity to police officer who used a rifle to kill a reckless motorist from an overpass.

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Smiley face speed camera
France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UK: Speed Cameras Under Attack
Guns, fire, paint and hacksaws were used against speed cameras around the world last week.

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