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Bennett A. Manning
Ohio Town Fights To Avoid $3.4 Million Speed Camera Refund
New Miami, Ohio loses again in Court of Appeals as it tries to prevent refund of $3.4 million in illegally issued speed camera tickets.

New Miami, Ohio will do anything to keep from paying back the $3 million in speed camera tickets illegally issued by Optotraffic, the town's vendor. Butler County Judge Michael A. Oster Jr will speak to the parties in the case next Wednesday after having put a temporary halt to enforcement of his February judgment (view ruling). The court found New Miami's automated ticketing program unconstitutional, providing vehicle owners no realistic opportunity to defend ...

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Dutch speed camera
Europe Lowers Speed Camera Tolerance To Raise Revenue
Malta and The Netherlands experiment with zero tolerance speed camera policies issuing tickets for as little as 0.6 MPH over the limit.

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Kansas Supreme Court
Kansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Driveway Taxes
Despite what Mission, Kansas calls it, the transportation user fee is a prohibited tax.

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Jizan, Saudi Arabia camera wreckage
France, Latvia, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Smashed, Scorched, Sprayed
Speed cameras were taken out of service in fiery and colorful ways last week in France, Latvia and Saudi Arabia.

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MWAA Metro project
Virginia: Lawsuit Seeks To Stop $2.8 Billion Toll Diversion
Federal suit goes after Virginia toll road for transferring cash from motorists to transit users.

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