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White spraypaint, French speed camera
DC, France: Speed Cameras Attacked
Vigilantes take out a speed camera in the US capital while French motorists continue to use spraypaint to disable the devices.

Vigilantes took care of a controversial speed camera last week, according to WTOP radio. The automated ticketing machine on Interstate 295 had been positioned on the shoulder of the highway, creating a hazard. The device has been removed to repair the unspecified damage. Vigilantes in Naives-Rosieres, France used white spraypaint to take out the speed camera on the Voie Sacree on Thursday,

Remy Josseaume
French High Court Overturns Ban On Facebook Speed Trap Warnings
Supreme court in France upholds the right of citizens to mock police revenue raising operations and post speed camera locations.

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Turnpike audit cover
Pennsylvania Auditor Predicts Toll Road Disaster
State auditor predicts reliance on tolling revenue will doom transportation funding in Pennsylvania.

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Dulles Toll Road
Virginia Judge Overturns Bogus Toll Road Fine
Fairfax County, Virginia court slams Dulles Toll Road for insisting E-ZPass user must pay $8334 over $26 in tolls that failed to register.

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Decorated French speed camera
France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Decorated, Destroyed
Vigilantes around the world kept automated ticketing machines from functioning last week in a number of creative ways.

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