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John Raphael
Redflex Lobbyist Sentenced In Ohio Bribery Scandal
John Raphael, a former Redflex lobbyist, will spend 15 months in jail for his role in a red light camera bribery conspiracy.

US District Court Judge Michael H. Watson on Wednesday sentenced former Redflex lobbyist John P. Raphael to one year and three months in prison and a $5100 fine for his role in a bribery scheme in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio. Raphael only admitted guilt to extorting the money from Redflex, and the government never attempted to prove the money Raphael gave to local politicians on behalf of Redflex was a bribe. Rapahel's attorney, S. Michael Miller, had used this fact to push for the lighter se ...

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Patrick Houston
Colorado Residents Fight To Save Anti-Camera Referendum
Lawsuit filed in county court to force Sheridan, Colorado to allow a public vote on the use of red light and speed cameras.

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Tim Eyman
Washington: Signature Drive On New Pro-Car Ballot Measure
Proposed Washington state ballot measure would ban high occupancy toll lane projects, per-mile taxes and lower registration fees back to $30.

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Flooded speed camera near Paris
France, UK: Flood, Fire and Paint Disables Speed Cameras
Flooding, fires and cans of spraypaint take several speed cameras out of service in England and France.

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Move Over law
States Massively Expand Move Over Laws
State laws expand to ticket drivers for driving past anything from garbage trucks to cable TV trucks without making a lane change.

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