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Toll booth
Wisconsin Officials Promote Tolling
Wisconsin officials create a roadmap for generating $46 billion in revenue through tolls on existing interstate highways.

Just before the New Year's holiday, officials at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) dropped a report exploring the ways in which the state could turn a profit by imposing tolls on its highways. Wisconsin lawmakers requested the document, which estimated that a 12 cent-per-mile charge for the use of existing interstates could generate $46 billion in revenue by 2050. There is one hitch in the plan, however. "Tolling on Interstate highways is not currently authorized by state la ...

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Florida report cover
Florida: State Report Shows Red Light Camera Accidents Up
Florida red light cameras issued $194 million worth of tickets while fatalities, injuries and crashes increased at camera intersections.

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ATS maintenance worker
Red Light Camera Company Sued Again For Prevailing Wage Violation
Former American Traffic Solutions electrician says he was cheated out of over $75,000 in wages while working on red light cameras.

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Drawing blood
Idaho Supreme Court Creates Forced Blood Draw Exception
Idaho Supreme Court says police can skip warrants in a DUI investigations when judge does not pick up his cell phone within ten minutes.

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South Africa decorated camera
Italy, France, South Africa: Speed Cameras Disabled
Vigilantes around the world took out speed cameras for the holidays.

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