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EFF: Plate Readers Turn Texas Cops Into Mobile Debt Collectors
Commentary by Electronic Frontier Foundation on how Texas police have teamed up with license plate reader companies for profit.

By Dave Maass, Electronic Frontier Foundation Vigilant Solutions, one of the country's largest brokers of vehicle surveillance technology, is offering a hell of a deal to law enforcement agencies in Texas: a whole suite of automated license plate reader (ALPR) equipment and access to the company's massive databases and analytical tools -- and it won't cost the agency a dime. Even though the technology is marketed as budget neutral, that doesn't mean no one has to pay. Instead, Texas police ...

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Redflex bribe money
Jury Delivers Guilty Verdict In Redflex Bribery Trial
Former Chicago, Illinois official convicted of taking bribes from Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia.

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Speed camera catches train
Finland: Speed Camera Accuses Train Of Speeding
Speed camera accuracy is under fire in Finland and The Netherlands after tickets generate clearly erroneous readings.

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Exploded speed camera
New York, Australia, Italy: Traffic Cameras Trashed
Speed cameras around the world are cut down, crashed into, spraypainted and blown apart.

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March committee hearing
Arizona Representatives Backtrack On Support Of Photo Radar Expansion Bill
Backers of Arizona photo enforcement expansion legislation have a history of favoring the industry.

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