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Chief Tomas Sanchez
Florida: Vendor Tries To Save Red Light Cameras Despite Accident Rise
For $100,000, ATS buys itself 60 days to strike a new red light camera deal in Hollywood, Florida.

Accidents are up at the intersections with red light cameras in Hollywood, Florida, but American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is desperate to keep the troubled system alive. City commissioners last week unanimously approved an ordinance to dump the controversial devices, only to back away from the resolution after ATS proposed a last-minute deal. The company will, in effect, pay the council to ignore the city police chief's warning about the impact of automated ticketing since January 2011. "Just ...

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Spraypainted French speed camera
France: Three Speed Cameras Spraypainted
A trio of French speed cameras were disabled with red spraypaint.

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Karen Finley
Ohio: Federal Judge Accepts Guilty Plea From Red Light Camera Executive
Federal judge prepares to sentence ex-Redflex US chief for red light camera corruption.

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ATS and Hertz logos
California: Hertz Accused Of Fraudulent Toll Road Deal
California rental car drivers sue over misleading charges for use of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Trooper Melanie H. McKenney
Virginia Cop Sues Motorist Over Being Called Crazy
Virginia state trooper sues motorist for $1.35 million after being called crazy on YouTube.

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