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Eastern District Missouri courthouse
Federal Judge Tosses Missouri Red Light Camera Lawsuit
US district court judge rejects a weak case offered against the use of red light cameras in Hannibal, Missouri.

A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a class action lawsuit filed against the Hannibal, Missouri's red light camera program. Motorists Sarah and Jacob Blair each received tickets in the mail between 2011 and 2012. They argued that the cameras that produced the citations were merely a cash grab that diminished public safety. US District Judge E. Richard Webber believed that even though photo enforcement programs are entirely run by private, for-profit companies, sovereign immunity prevents Hannib ...

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Willis and Diboll logos
Legal Attack On Texas Red Light Cameras Spreads
Lawsuits multiply against Texas jurisdictions that installed red light cameras without studying possible engineering alternatives first.

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Robert Zaitooni
Texas Board Reprimands Red Light Camera Engineer
Texas Board of Professional Engineers finds red light camera company employee failed to follow the law in conducting a traffic study.

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Judge James D. Jensen
Ohio Court Of Appeals Wants More Speed Cameras
A divided Ohio Court of Appeals panel overrules legislature, declaring no limits on the use of automated ticketing machines.

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Burned speed camera in Bains, France
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Smashed and Burned
Speed cameras in France and Germany were disabled by crashes and fire last week.

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