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Center for American Progress
Report Examines Equity In Toll Road Deals
Policy paper from the Center for American Progress addresses misconceptions about the way toll roads are financed.

States have increasingly turned to tolling as a solution to heir funding and infrastructure problems. Private tolling companies end up with very little skin of their own in the game when making deals to take over roads, according to a report released Wednesday by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank. The group reviewed the US Department of Transportation's Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) federal loan program and found that the two dozen toll roa ...

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Charles H. Rittgers
Ohio Lawyers Push For Restitution In Illegal Camera Case
Lawyers demand full refunds for illegally issued speed camera tickets in New Miami, Ohio.

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Gov Terry McAuliffe
Australian Company Sees Big Profit On US Roads
Rising toll rates on Virginia roads bring profitability to Australian tolling giant.

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Aaron M. Rosenberg
Federal Judge Issues Interim Ruling In Redflex Fraud Suit
Former Redflex executive will not be able to profit from Chicago, Illinois false claims lawsuit.

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Spraypainted speed camera
France: Speed Cameras Shot, Spraypainted
Several French speed cameras were taken out last week with paint and bullets.

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