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TRB report cover
Study: Most Red Light Camera Tickets Should Be $0
Researchers find that a red light camera fine set according to the risk of an accident would in most cases be $0.

Researchers from Auburn University earlier this year told the Transportation Research Board annual meeting that the vast majority of red light camera tickets are issued for behavior that carries no risk. The team used real-world data from red light camera intersections in Opelika, Alabama to model the likelihood of a crash for certain types of driving behavior. For more than nine out of ten photo ticket recipients, the group suggested the risk-based fine should be $0. "Currently red light run ...

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Illinois Supreme Court: Avoiding A Roadblock Is Suspicious
Illinois Supreme Court declares a legal maneuver to avoid a late-night roadblock suspicious.

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IIHS report cover
Opinion: Insurance Industry Claims 32,894 Deaths From Higher Speed Limits
Insurance industry study claims that lives were lost by repealing the 55 MPH speed limit, despite record low fatalities nationwide.

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Judge Rita M. Novak
Illinois Judge Endorses Shortened Yellow Times
Cook County, Illinois judge endorses shortened yellow times at Chicago red light camera intersections.

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South Australia speed camera crash
Australia, France: Speed Camera Smashed, Blocked
Australian speed camera demolished while a French device is spraypainted black.

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