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Illinois 48 junction with US 51
Illinois Court Criminalizes Failure To Unnecessarily Signal
Second highest court in Illinois decides motorists can be pulled over for failure to signal while traveling straight ahead.

Is it necessary to use one's blinker when driving straight ahead in a single lane that splits into two lanes? The Illinois Appellate Court considered the question last month and decided that police could pull over motorists at any time if they failed to signal in such circumstances. This was the alleged offense that snagged Shawn Barbee and Byron D. Theus, who were stopped on March 28, 2011. Barbee's gold Chevrolet Malibu happened to be headed down Taylorsville Road in Decatur near the overpass ...

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Spraypainted speed camera in France
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Spraypainted
In Germany and France, spraypaint in a multitude of colors is used to stop speed cameras from issuing tickets.

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Antwon Leerandall Eldridge
North Carolina: Traffic Stop Must Be Based On An Actual Violation Of Law
Court of Appeals in North Carolina rejects traffic stop based on an unreasonable interpretation of state law.

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CTB leaders Layne and Kilpatrick
Virginia: Group Seeks Sanctions Against Unauthorized Speed Camera Use
National Motorists Association files complaint against insurance industry group for unlawful deployment of speed cameras on Virginia highways.

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Hacked Russian speed camera
Researchers Find Speed Cameras Vulnerable To Hacking
Computer security firm exposes the ease with which speed cameras and red light cameras can be compromised over the Internet.

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