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Attorney Scott Ball
California: Judge Finds Yellow Times Too Short At Camera Intersection
Los Alamitos, California will have to decide whether to refund or continue fighting red light camera tickets at short-yellow intersection.

Officials in Los Alamitos, California will soon have to decide whether they will refund red light camera tickets illegally issued in the city. Last week, Orange County Superior Court Commissioner Lyle J. Robertson dismissed nineteen red light camera tickets because the city was caught shortchanging motorists on yellow signal timing. Attorney Scott R. Ball filed the challenge after noticing that the yellow time at the photo enforced intersection o ...

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IIHS report cover
Virginia: Insurance Industry Photographs 65,000 Motorists In Speeding Ticket Push
Covert insurance industry speed cameras tap into the private information of Virginia drivers to lobby for lower speed limits.

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Toppled Italian speed camera
Italy, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Bumped, Burned
Speed cameras are knocked over and set on fire in Germany, Italy and England.

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Discarded speed camera photo
European Speed Cameras Raise Accuracy Concerns
Speed cameras hand out inaccurate citations in France and Germany.

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Drug dog Manni
Indiana: Dashcam Video Refutes Traffic Cop Testimony
Federal judge tosses traffic stop evidence because dashcam video disproved police testimony.

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