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School bus speed camera photo
Maryland Speed Camera Falsely Accuses School Bus
Rockville, Maryland admits radar error caused a school bus to receive a bogus speed camera ticket.

A school bus passing slowly through Rockville, Maryland was photographed by the speed camera on Baltimore Road on December 11. Two weeks later, the Montgomery County Board of Education received a copy of the image in the mail along with a demand for $40 since the "Board of Education" was traveling 54 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, according to a copy of the $40 citation obtained by the Maryland Drivers Alliance (read more >> 

Traffic stop
Florida Court Gives Police Right To Detain Innocent Passengers
Florida Court of Appeal overturns previous ruling to give police full authority to detain vehicle passengers suspected of no wrongdoing.

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Carlyle Begay and Redflex
Arizona Cities Look To Redflex For Photo Radar Direction
New emails show Redflex directed municipal response to attorney general decision and anti-photo radar legislation.

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Befouled speed camera
France: Speed Cameras Burned, Besmirched
French vigilantes set fire to one speed camera and cover the other in excrement.

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Photo Enforcement Shut Down In Arizona
Most Arizona cities confirm that they are no longer issuing speed camera or red light camera tickets.

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