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Caterina Buffardeci
Italy: Speed Camera Scandal Means Prison For CEO, Top Cop
Italian speed camera CEO and police commander given six year prison sentences in bribery scandal.

The United States is not alone when it comes to photo enforcement scandals. Long before federal officials began cracking down on Redflex Traffic Systems for bribing public officials, Italy's anti-crime units were raiding the offices of photo enforcement companies and covering speed cameras while the systems remained under investigation. Last week, those efforts paid off with the conviction of a key official in the town of Casorate Sempione and the owner of the spe ...

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Redflex losses
Redflex Reports $26.2 Million Loss
Australian red light camera provider continues its downward financial spiral.

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Michael Doerksen
Voters In Canadian Town Overhelmingly Reject Photo Enforcement
Referendum has three out of four voters in Drayton Valley, Canada calling for elimination of speed and red light cameras.

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Hans Larsen
California City Doubles Down On Yellow Time Shortening
Fremont, California intends to lock in extra red light camera revenue by shortening yellows permanently.

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Exclamation points
France: Speed Camera Exclaims
Vigilantes disable a speed camera in Dax, France with spraypainted exclamation points.

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