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Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Shows Its Love For Tolling
Federal appeals court says it is reasonable for a Texas toll road to bill a motorist $3825 for inadvertently failing to pay $139 in tolls.

The Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals could not hold back from sharing its love for toll roads. In a decision Tuesday, the three-judge panel gushed over the advantages of automated tolling systems as it upheld the legitimacy of slapping thousands of dollars in administrative fees against people who, for whatever reason, did not receive or pay an invoice for their tolls. "The North Texas Tollway Authority has been a trendsetter in the move away from gated booths," Judge Gregg Costa wrote for ...

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Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye
California Chief Justice To Strip Rights From Motorists
Judicial branch seeks to ease its workload by eliminating procedural safeguards for motorists accused of traffic violations in California.

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Tipped Russian speed camera
France, Russia: Speed Cameras Poked, Burned
Vigilantes shoved a speed camera in Russia and set a pair of French cameras on fire last week.

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Victoria Police deputy commissioner Ross Guenther
Ransomware Virus Compromises More Redflex Cameras In Austrlia
Australian police had no idea their speed cameras were hacked for over three weeks.

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Judge Alex Kozinski
California: Federal Appeals Court Overturns Car Seizure Policy
Federal appeals court allows motorists to sue police Los Angeles, California for impounding cars from innocent owners for thirty days.

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