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Auto insurance card
Oregon Court Rejects Car Seizure Over Insurance Card
Oregon police must make some effort to verify motorist insurance before seizing a car under a new Oregon Court of Appeals ruling.

A police officer made a mistake by hauling away a woman's car without bothering to check whether the vehicle was properly insured. The Oregon Court of Appeals last week threw out the evidence against Candi Lee Balabon because her 2004 Mazda RX8 had been unlawfully searched. Portland Police Officers Britt and Mawdsley ordered Balabon to pull over near Powell Boulevard after allegedly observing a traffic violation. The encounter opened with the standard request for license and registration. Bal ...

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BusPatrol logo
Texas Court Smacks Buspatrol With $421,910 Fine
Scandal plagued school bus camera company forced to pay legal fees of competitor after overplaying legal hand.

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Study chart
Study: Red Light Cameras Failed To Reduce Accidents In Texas
Case Western Reserve University study of red light cameras in Dallas and Houston, Texas concludes there is no evidence of a safety benefit.

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Purple painted speed camera
France, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Disturbed
Dozens of additional speed cameras last week fell victim to vigilante attacks in Saudi Arabia, France and Italy.

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DC speed camera map
DC Report Finds Racial Bias In Speed Camera Use
Speed cameras in Washington, DC are placed in minority neighborhoods to generate higher ticket volumes.

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