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Olney speed camera
Maryland Community Angry At Being Targeted By Speed Cameras
Civic association in Olney, Maryland document disproportionate speed camera ticketing of local motorists.

A community group in Montgomery County, Maryland has released a report documenting how residents are being disproportionately targeted by speed cameras. The Greater Olney Civic Association presented its findings at a community meeting on Tuesday. The association represents nearly three dozen neighborhood and homeowners associations within the unincorporated town of Olney. The group intends next month to transmit a set of recommendations to "eliminate the disproportionate impact" of the speed cam ...

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Karen Finley and Arizona DPS director
Redflex Chief Expected To Plead Guilty To Bribery
Former head of US operations for Redflex Traffic Systems to change her plea in Chicago, Illinois bribery case to guilty.

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UK: Speed Cameras Smashed And Grabbed
Speed camera fails to protect itself from an accident in England while a fake speed camera is grabbed.

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Adam Casaus
New Mexico: Joyriding Traffic Cop Held Liable For Fatality
Federal appeals court says a joyriding police officer can be held liable for his red light running crash.

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Longer yellow in Redlands, CA
Report Documents Benefit Of Longer Yellow in California
A compilation of data from six California cities shows red light violations go down when the yellow signal is increased.

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