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John Kromko
Arizona: Tucson Voters Will Decide Fate Of Traffic Cameras
Voters in Tucson, Arizona will decide on November 3 whether to ban the use of red light cameras and photo radar.

Residents of Tucson, Arizona will be asked whether they want to keep or eliminate the city's automated ticketing machines on November 3. The city council unanimously agreed Wednesday to place citizen's initiative on the ballot, as required by state law. If the public approves the measure, American Traffic Solutions (ATS) would no longer be allowed to issue traffic citations in the city based on photographs. John Kromko, a former Democratic state lawmaker turned political activist, kicked off ...

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Missouri Supreme Court
Missouri Supreme Court Backs Anti-Speed Trap Law
Missouri legislature saves anti-speed trap law from the legal challenge mounted by small towns.

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CVS parking from Google maps
DC: Federal Court Upholds Arrest Of Elderly Man Over Parking Violation
Federal appeals court tosses lawsuit filed by after elderly man arrested for waiting for his wife in a loading zone.

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Patrick J. Keating, photo by The Expired Meter
Illinois: Challenge Proceeds Against Chicago Red Light Cams
Judge in Chicago, Illinois allows class action suit against red light camera program to proceed.

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Saudi Arabia pants camera
France, Germany, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Disabled
Fire and spraypaint take speed cameras offline in Europe and Saudi Arabia.

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