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Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court Spikes Red Light Camera Challenge
Florida Supreme Court sees no problem with local use of red light cameras.

The photo enforcement industry picked up another win before state high court judges on Thursday. This time, in Florida, the Supreme Court decided that the use of private, for-profit contractors in running every aspect of a photo ticketing program is consistent with the intent of state lawmakers. The question before the court was whether state law allows those private vendors to review tickets and decide who is guilty before passing those tickets on to a municip ...

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Six camera felons
Top Ten Photo Enforcement Felons
Ten politicians, lobbyists and photo enforcement executives have been convicted of felony crimes ranging from forgery to bribery.

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Keep right
Washington Appeals Court Busts Left Lane Bandit
Conviction upheld for man who drove in the left lane without passing in Washington state.

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Iowa Supreme Court
Iowa Supreme Court Ruling Means Gridlock Saves Speed Cams
Pro-speed camera ruling by Iowa Supreme Court effectively guarantees no limit on municipal use of the devices on freeways.

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DC speed camera tipping
DC, France: Speed Cameras Tossed, Painted
Speed cameras in Washington, DC and in France took a beating last week.

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