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In-car data collection
Government Report Calls For Clarity On Automobile Privacy
Government Accountability Office report reviews privacy implications of connected automobiles and what federal agencies are doing about it.

The push to connect vehicles to one another and to the Internet has created a role for federal agencies to clarify its privacy protection role, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) concluded in a report released on Monday. The government watchdog agency is worried that vehicles will continue to collect more and more data while federal standards continue to fall behind, failing to keep up with the pace of change in the industry. "These vehicles can collect and share data about where driv ...

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I-93 roadblock
US Border Patrol Sets Up New Hampshire Roadblocks
Federal roadblock set up 100 miles from Canadian border in New Hampshire creates massive traffic jam.

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NCDOT Dare system
North Carolina Tests Intersection Crash Reduction Tech
North Carolina officials conclude that dynamic all-red interval system reduces accidents without the need for red light cameras.

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Bagnols speed camera
Belgium, China, France: Speed Cameras Manipulated
No tickets were issued from several speed cameras in Belgium, China and France last week.

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Playa del Rey
California Residents Fight Back Against Road Diets
Los Angeles, California residents strike back against Vision Zero.

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