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Speed camera warning sign
Australia: Audit Questions Speed Camera Effectiveness
Australian auditor recommends hiding speed cameras to boost revenue for the billion-dollar program.

A performance audit released last week by the auditor-general of New South Wales, Australia, was unable to come to the conclusion that automated enforcement has improved safety because of a rise in the number of traffic fatalities. "There is limited evidence that the mobile speed camera program in New South Wales has led to a behavioral change in drivers by creating a general network deterrence," auditor-general Margaret Crawford wrote. "The results of overall network speed surveys vary, with ...

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Mark Robinson
Whistleblower Cop Wins Case Against DC Speed Camera Program
Speed camera whistleblower wins back pay in discrimination lawsuit against Washington, DC police.

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Red Light Camera Financial Information Goes Public
American Traffic Solutions, renamed Verra Mobility, must file quarterly financial reports now that it is listed on the Nasdaq.

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Larry Duncan
Texas School Bus Chief Busted In Photo Enforcement Scandal
Former school board president in Dallas, Texas pleads guilty to tax evasion after taking school bus camera company bribes.

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South African speed camera burned
Belarus, Ecuador, France, Italy, South Africa: Speed Cameras Blinded
Speed cameras across multiple continents were tarred and feathered, burned or spraypainted.

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