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IIHS report cover
OPINION: The Insurance Industry Hit And Run
An analysis of the insurance industry study claiming the removal of red light cameras causes deaths.

Dozens of news outlets around the country last week carried Joan Lowy's Associated Press wire story bearing the banner headline "study finds red light cameras save lives." Lowy was reporting on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) latest report claiming that terminating a red light camera program "costs lives." Like so many of the insurance industry's reports, this latest study on closer examination appears to be more public relations effort than scientific undertaking. IIHS ha ...

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Vision Zero
New York Fights To Save Vision Zero Law
New York City, New York court strikes down law that presumes guilt of motorists involved in conflict with pedestrians and bicyclists.

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PennDOT report cover
Pennsylvania Study Finds Higher Speed Limits Encourage Better Compliance
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation finds the primary effect of increasing the speed limit to 70 MPH was greater compliance.

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Blinded French speed camera
France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Painted, Torched
Vigilantes disable speed cameras in Scotland, France and Italy with spraypaint and fire.

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Andy Taylor
Texas Appeals Court Restores Right To Vote On Camera Ban
Second highest court in Texas reverses judge who blocked a referendum vote on red light cameras in Cleveland.

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