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Yellow line
New Mexico Court: Brushing The Edge Of A Lane Is Not Illegal
New Mexico Court of Appeals bans favorite police technique of stopping motorists for touching the yellow line at the edge of the road.

Briefly touching the the painted yellow lines on a road while passing slow-moving traffic is not a crime that justifies a traffic stop, the New Mexico Court of Appeals ruled last week. A three-judge panel came to that conclusion after finding the March 20, 2013 traffic stop of Karen Siqueiros-Valenzuela was unjustified. New Mexico State Police Officer Joseph Garcia was looking to issue tickets on Interstate 40 near Grants when he saw Siqueiros-Valenzuela's vehicle signal, safely move into the ...

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I-77 construction
Appeals Court Backs North Carolina Toll Road
North Carolina Court of Appeals refuses to block toll road project in which state taxpayers subsidize foreign company profits.

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Aaron M. Rosenberg
Federal Judge Rejects Redflex VP Demand For Settlement Cash
Former Redflex executive fails in his attempt to collect a $2.3 million bounty in the Chicago, Illinois red light camera scandal.

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Muscatine, Iowa speed camera car
Iowa Cities Lose Appeal Over Speed Camera Rules
Judge rules that the Iowa Department of Transportation has the authority to ban speed cameras from highways on safety grounds.

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Expletive covered speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Swiped And Spraypainted
A handful of speed cameras in France and Italy were taken out of service last week.

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