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Road and Track article
OPINION: Road And Track Is Wrong About Red Light Cameras
A commentary explaining how the Avoidable Contact column in Road and Track makes a fundamental mistake about red light camera effectiveness.

A Road and Track column published last week mused about the potential of using automated enforcement in a positive manner (view original column). Its author, Jack Baruth, is full of wishful thinking in his call for the return of red light cameras. The same wide-eyed, gullible types who think the mere act of painting a number on a sign suddenly makes the public adhere to a speed limit's arbit ...

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Bob Hall
Texas Senate Passes Bill Allowing School Bus Cameras
Texas state senator sells his colleagues on a red light camera ban, but passes a bill that allows school bus cameras.

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Elizabeth River Tunnel
Virginia Governor Slams Macquarie And Its Tolling Practices
Budget amendment targets Macquarie for overbilling Virginia motorists in Elizabeth River tolling project.

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Kansas Supreme Court Clears Man Charged With Stoplight Burnout
You cannot have a drag race or an exhibition of speed without moving, Kansas Supreme Court rules.

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Dumped Italian speed camera
Canada, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Ramming, spraypaint and fire were used last week to take out speed cameras in Canada, France and Italy.

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