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Gary L. Richardson
Oklahoma Supreme Court Backs Car Tax Hike
Electric vehicle owners will pay less, but new vehicle buyers will pay more under Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling.

Plug-in electric vehicle owners in Oklahoma will spared from paying an extra $100 every year to the state, but buyers of other automobiles will now have to pay an additional 1.25 percent in state sales taxes. The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Wednesday reiterated its position that the procedures used to enact the electric car tax were unconstitutional, while those used for the sales tax were just fine. Attorney Gary L. Richardson, a Republican candidate for governor, filed a lawsuit hoping to hav ...

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Redflex door logo
Redflex Rebranding Fails To Save Company Earnings
Despite an attempt to refresh its image, Redflex continues to lose money.

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Customs and Border Patrol in Eagle Pass, Texas
Motorist Sues After Feds Seize Truck Over Five Bullets
Class action suit goes after US Customs and Border Patrol for seizing automobiles without giving motorists a hearing before a judge.

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Pinas speed camera
France, New Zealand: Speed Cameras Stoned, Sprayed, Scorched
Fire, foam, spraypaint and rocks keep speed cameras off balance in France and New Zealand.

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Government trolley
Report: Billions In Subsidies Fail To Save Transit
Cato Institute report predicts mass transit will largely disappear by the year 2032.

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