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Move Over law
States Massively Expand Move Over Laws
State laws expand to ticket drivers for driving past anything from garbage trucks to cable TV trucks without making a lane change.

Motorists in some states can be ticketed if they drive past some types of vehicles -- but not others -- when they are stopped on the side of the highway. States began enacting "move over" laws to ticket people for not slowing well under the speed limit or making an emergency lane change when a police officer is parked on the side of the road, but these statutes are now being expanded to cover dozens of other special classes of vehicles. Georgia's move over law took effect in 2003, but beginni ...

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Toll road
2011 Study Examines True Cost Of Toll Roads
Federally funded study from 2011 finds toll roads are 33 times less efficient than the gas tax as a road funding mechanism.

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Judge Michael Owen Miller
Arizona: Functional License Plate Light Does Not Justify Stop
Arizona Court of Appeals says traffic stops cannot be based on a completely groundless interpretation of the law.

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Judge Virginia M. Kendall
Illinois: Six-Figure Fines Levied In Redflex Corruption Trial
Chicago, Illinois official must forfeit $680,107 in bribes received from Redflex Traffic Systems. Bagman fined $98,837.

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Vercia speed camera
France: Speed Camera Disabled With Spraypaint
French vigilantes use a can of spraypaint to take a speed camera out of service in Vercia.

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