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Redflex condo
FBI Explains How It Took Down Chicago Red Light Camera Corruption
The official US government account of how it took down the Redflex photo bribery scheme in Chicago, Illinois.

By The Federal Bureau of Investigation John Bills once held a position of trust as Chicago's assistant transportation commissioner. Now the 55-year-old is serving a 10-year prison sentence for his role in a long-running corruption scheme involving the city's red light camera contracts. "Chicago has a well-known history of public corruption," said Special Agent Brian Etchell, "but even by Chicago's standards, this case stands out." That is because the corruption went on for nearly a dec ...

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Speed camera in France
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Rammed, Torched, Painted
A variety of techniques were used last week to ensure speed cameras in France and Germany would not issue tickets.

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Karen Finley
Judge Adds $2 Million Fine To Corrupt Camera Executive Sentence
Federal judge doubles prison time for Redflex executive found guilty of red light camera corruption in Chicago, Illinois.

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Voting booth
Voters Reject Transportation Taxes And Projects
Voters around the country largely reject transportation tax hikes and transit projects during presidential election contest.

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Virginia suspended license
Feds Intervene In Virginia Drivers License Lawsuit
US Department of Justice says Virginia motorists should not have their licenses automatically suspended over unpaid speeding tickets.

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