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Karen Finley
Ohio: Federal Judge Accepts Guilty Plea From Red Light Camera Executive
Federal judge prepares to sentence ex-Redflex US chief for red light camera corruption.

The long-time head of the second largest photo enforcement company operating in America is now waiting to find out how long she will spend behind bars for corruption. On Wednesday, the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio formally accepted Karen Finley's admission that she bribed politicians in Columbus and Cincinnati so that they would offer lucrative red light camera and speed camera contracts to Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia. "The court adopts the report and recommend ...

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ATS and Hertz logos
California: Hertz Accused Of Fraudulent Toll Road Deal
California rental car drivers sue over misleading charges for use of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Trooper Melanie H. McKenney
Virginia Cop Sues Motorist Over Being Called Crazy
Virginia state trooper sues motorist for $1.35 million after being called crazy on YouTube.

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Cedar Rapids speed camera
Federal Judge Backs Iowa Speed Cameras
Us district court judge tosses class action lawsuit filed against photo radar in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Spraypainted French speed camera
Belgium, France: Attacks On Speed Cameras Documented
Forty-eight speed cameras were attacked in Belgium last year. In France, four out of five speed cameras have been hit at least once.

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