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Pro-camera signholder
Texas: Company Pays Outsiders To Campaign For Cameras
American Traffic Solutions front group pays $18 an hour to bus in support for red light cameras in Arlington, Texas.

Early voters are already heading to the polls to decide the future of red light cameras in Arlington, Texas. A charter amendment on the May 9 ballot would ban photo enforcement, and city officials and their vendors are not happy about it. American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has spared no expense to ensure the measure fails, even busing in paid outsiders to influence voters on the way to the polling stations. Through its various front groups, ATS hired the firm Extreme Marketing and Promotions to ...

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Tawian Bacome
New Jersey Cops May Not Order Passengers Out Of Car
Appellate court in New Jersey finds a cop erred by ordering a passenger to get out of the car without probable cause.

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Ohio statehouse
Ohio Lawmakers Fight Back Against Activist Judges
Ohio state budget contains measure to defund cities that defy state restrictions on traffic camera use.

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EZPass surveillance in Manhattan
New York: E-ZPass Used To Spy On Motorists
New York City, New York uses E-ZPass readers at untolled intersections for surveillance purposes.

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Clifford A. Taylor
Florida Town Sues Red Light Camera Vendor
Brooksville, Florida files a lawsuit after red light camera vendor refuses to wind down operations.

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