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Lucas County courthouse
Cities Play games with Ohio Speed Camera Law
Defiant Ohio speed trap towns caught certifying compliance with the photo radar law they have ignored.

A number of Ohio cities are defying a law meant to impose restraint on the speed camera usage in the state. The General Assembly in 2015 enacted House Bill 64 (view law), which ordered all towns that use speed cameras to submit a report to the state auditor certifying their compliance or non-compliance with a number of minor limitations on camera usage. Three cities -- Dayton, East Cleveland and Toledo -- have refused to abide by the reporting requirements that be ...

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Patriotic French speed camera
France, Italy, Zambia: Speed Cameras Trashed
Dozens of speed cameras were painted, grabbed, burned and blown up across Africa and Europe last week.

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Judge Myron Duhart
Toledo Refuses To Accept Ohio Supreme Court Verdict
Toledo, Ohio files new lawsuit to save $2.3 million in speed camera revenue.

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School zone sign
Washington Court Blocks Suit Over Sneaky School Zone Signs
Technical errors in legal challenge allows Seattle, Washington to avoid $10 million in speed camera refunds.

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Michigan State Police
Federal Judge: It Is Not A Crime To Drive Slow Near Cops
Federal judge tosses case after Michigan police officer stared down motorist, causing him to slow 2 MPH below the limit.

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