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Gag Order For Corruption Tainted Bus Camera Operator Legal Challenge
Texas Appeals Court issues gag order shielding legal challenge of troubled bus camera company from public scrutiny.

The Texas Court of Appeals issued an order keeping the public in the dark about the legal arguments made by a bus camera company whose equipment bankrupted the Dallas County Schools. Last week, Dallas County Judge Eric V. Moye complied with the appellate court's command and permanently sealed large portions of the record in the case. Judge Moye had dismissed with prejudice the scandal-plagued firm's lawsuit against competitor American Traffic Solutions (ATS), which is now Verra Mobility (

Michael A. Campbell
Indiana Supreme Court Considers Speeding Stop By Forgetful Cop
Indiana Supreme Court weighs whether speeding stop is valid if the police officer does not remember how fast the suspect was going.

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Tire chalking
Michigan Motorist Fights Tire Chalking
Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals to rule on whether meter maids need to obtain a warrant before chalking tires.

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Phoenix, Arizona camera
Arizona, France, Italy, Russia: Speed Cameras Toppled, Blinded
Across the world, speed cameras and red light cameras fell last week.

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Trooper Scott Townsley
Facebook Traffic Stop Complaint Triggers Kentucky Cops
Lawsuit charges Kentucky state troopers with assault, puppy-kicking over a Facebook complaint about a traffic stop.

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