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Brian Frosh
Maryland Attorney General Slaps Speed Camera Cities For Lack of Transparency
Maryland attorney general says cities cannot use speed camera vendors to duck responsibility under government transparency laws.

Maryland's top law enforcement officer thinks cities that use speed cameras have set a bad example for government transparency. In a report released earlier this month, state Attorney General Brian E. Frosh slammed the way several jurisdictions attempted to evade their legal responsibilities under the state public information act (PIA) law. "Lying at the public end of the spectrum are speed camera vendors, which essentially perform a governmental function -- enforcement of speed limits," Fros ...

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Jamie Banks-Harvey
Ohio Supreme Court Cracks Down On Motorist Purse Searches
Ohio Supreme Court rejects policy telling police to search any purse belonging to a motorist arrested during a traffic stop.

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Judge Michael E. Powell
Ohio Court Of Appeals Sides With Motorists Against Cameras
New Miami, Ohio cannot escape refund of illegally issued speed camera tickets by claiming sovereign immunity, the Court of Appeals ruled.

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Tar and feathered speed camera
Rhode Island, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Torched, Tarred
Vigilantes grab speed cameras in Rhode Island and France, while others are tarred and feathered or burned.

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Alaska report cover
Alaska Studies Whether Rural Speed Traps Reduce Crashes
No conclusive safety benefit was found in a preliminary analysis of police patrols on rural Alaska highways.

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