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Virginia Supreme Court
Virginia Supreme Court One Step From Banning License Plate Spying
High court in Virginia sides with attorney general opinion questioning the legality of widespread license plate surveillance.

Police use of automated license plate readers (ALPR or ANPR) to track motorists may soon come to an end in Virginia. The state Supreme Court on Thursday took a big step toward finding that the devices may violate state laws governing data privacy. Motorist Harrison Neal filed a complaint against the Fairfax County police after he obtained evidence that the department's plate readers had tracked and photographed his car, even though he was never suspected of any criminal activity. Neal's car h ...

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Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio Supreme Court Skeptical Over Municipal Speed Camera Suit
Oral arguments in Ohio Supreme Court speed camera case could open door to funding limitation legislation against photo radar cities.

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BusPatrol logo
Bus Camera Companies Fight In Federal Court
School bus camera scandal in Dallas, Texas triggers court battle between photo ticketing companies.

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Washington Transportation Commission meeting
Washington Mileage Tax Test Costs $2000 Per Participant
Washington state moves closer to adopting per-mile tax with a heavily subsidized pilot project.

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Belfast speed camera attack
France, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Taken Out
Vigilantes thwarted a number of speed cameras across France, Germany and the UK last week.

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