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Driving simulator
Study Finds New Traffic Signal Feature Improves Traffic Flow
Study finds traffic flow improves when drivers know that the traffic light is about to turn green.

Motorists who find themselves stopped at an intersection will arrive at their destination faster if traffic signals give motorists notice before the light changes to green. A team of Belgian researchers from Hasselt University presented their findings on the "starting yellow" idea to the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC earlier this year. Germany and the UK already use the system, which flashes the traffic signal's yellow light one or two seconds before the green light illumina ...

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Double yellow
New Jersey: No Getting Around Crawling Vehicles
Appellate ruling in New Jersey says motorists may never cross double yellow lines, even to get around a car crawling well below the speed limit.

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Federal crash test
Federal Rules Add $2100 To Cost Of New Cars
US Department of Transportation report calculates federal safety regulations increase car prices by $2100 and weight by 171 pounds.

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Belgian speed camera painted
Belgium, France: Speed Cameras Painted, Burned
Vigilantes in Belgium and France use white paint and gasoline to disable and destroy a pair of speed cameras.

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Passing signs
Texas: Federal Court Upholds Rights Of Left-Lane Bandits
Federal judge says Texas drivers hogging the left lane can only be stopped if a specific sign is posted.

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