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Nick Sacco
New Jersey Lawmakers Reintroduce Anti-Photo Ticketing Bill
New Jersey lawmakers once again seek to withhold license plate information from photo ticketing companies.

A bipartisan group of New Jersey state senators want to protect Garden State motorists from speed cameras and red light cameras operating in other states. Photo ticketing is no longer legal in the Garden State, so legislation introduced last week by Senators Nick Sacco (D-Bergen), Nick Scutari (D-Middlesex) and Declan O'Scanlon (R-Holmdel) would prevent private companies in other jurisdictions from mailing citations to New Jersey residents. The effort is modeled on a ...

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IIHS report cover
IIHS Fakes Speed Limit Study Results
IIHS study proves average speeds unchanged despite lowering speed limit. Press release implied the exact opposite result.

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Iowa Supreme Court
Iowa Supreme Court Splits On Speed Cameras
One out of three new Iowa Supreme Court rulings on speed cameras opens door to a challenge of photo radar legality.

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Commission report cover
New Jersey Judicial Commission Takes On Ticketing For Profit
Panel commissioned by New Jersey Supreme Court recommends reform to end municipal court use of traffic tickets to generate revenue.

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Pink painted French speed camera
France: Speed Camera Revolt Intensifies
French public continues to resist lowered speed limits with a doubling of the number of attacks on speed cameras.

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