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Judge Diane Sykes
Federal Appeals Court Laughs At Ex-Redflex Exec Demand For Reward
US Court of Appeals judges laugh at attempt of former Redflex executive to collect a reward in bribery scheme.

A three-judge federal panel on Tuesday mocked the notion that the mastermind of a red light camera bribery scheme is entitled to a multimillion-dollar reward for his efforts. In oral arguments before the Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals, former Redflex executive vice president Aaron M. Rosenberg insisted that he was entitled to a statutory payment as the whistleblower responsible for exposing the red light camera corruption in Chicago, Illinois. A lower court trial judge saw things differ ...

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Judge George Hazel
Federal Judge Opens Inquiry Into Maryland Speed Camera Secrecy
Court discovery could force Rockville, Maryland to reveal whether officials withheld speed camera records to avoid criticism.

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Delegate Marc Korman
Maryland Officials Admit Longer Yellows Reduce Violations
Legislation in Maryland would force cities to give motorists at least 4 seconds of yellow time at photo enforced intersections.

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Tarp covers French camera
France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Stopped
Speeding photo radar van caught in Saudi Arabia while vigilantes in France use duct tape and paint to stop automated ticketing.

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Bill Carrico
Virginia: Camera Cash Recipient Passes Speed Camera Authorization Bill
Virginia state senator takes campaign cash from ATS then passes bill to allow freeway speed cameras.

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