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Lance Cain
Tennessee Man Sues After Cops Grab His BMW From Garage
Lawsuit challenges police seizure of a 7-series BMW from the garage of a Tennessee military veteran who had committed no offense.

Drunk drivers or fleeing felons often have their automobiles taken away by police on the side of the road. Lewis C. Cain faced a far different situation in the early morning hours of September 18, 2017. According to a complaint filed Tuesday, his 2009 BMW 750i sedan was taken out of his garage after Mount Juliet, Tennessee police woke him out of his bed. Plainclothes officers arrived at Cain's door with an arrest warrant for his son, Lance Carlton Cain. Lance Cain answered the door and was ta ...

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Chief Justice Oconnor
Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Speed Camera Ruling
New Miami, Ohio loses last-ditch Supreme Court appeal to avoid paying back $3 million in illegally collected photo radar fines.

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Zullo traffic stop
Vermont Man Brings Racial Traffic Stop Complaint To High Court
Black motorist tells Vermont Supreme Court that police violated his rights by impounding car even though he committed no crime.

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Dillon McGee
Federal Appeals Court Rejects Police Immunity In Motorist Shooting
Sixth Circuit rejects request for immunity from Tennessee police officer who gunned down an unarmed teen who attempted to drive away.

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Protesting 80km/h
France, Italy, Russia, UK: Paint, Fire, Steel Disable Speed Cameras
Vigilantes around the globe last week took out multiple speed cameras with spraypaint and fire.

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