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Iowa automated enforcemetn report cover
States Ignore Congressional Demand For Photo Enforcement Transparency
Most states refuse to follow federal law seeking accident and citation data from jurisdictions that use red light cameras and speed cameras on public roads.

Several states are defying a congressional demand for transparency regarding the use of red light cameras and speed cameras. The House and Senate in 2015 approved the FAST Act, a transportation funding measure that included a provision prohibiting the use of federal grants for automated ticketing equipment. The law also ordered the states with cameras to submit biennial reports containing "adequate data to measure the transparency and safety attributes" of these systems. A review of the state-le ...

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Patriotic French speed camera August 2018
France, Italy: More Speed Cameras Out Of Service
Widespread attacks on French speed cameras intensified last week, and a fake Italian speed camera causes a fatal motorcycle accident.

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Federal Funds Turn Texas Speed Traps Into Municipal Windfall
Austin, Texas turns $1 million in federal speed trap funding into $4.7 million in annual profit.

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Uber app
New York: Uber Joins Special Interests Pushing For Manhattan Congestion Tax
Uber is dedicating $1 million to back activists and lobbyists pushing for a congestion charge in New York City, New York.

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 Michelle Mackel-Wideranders
Iowa Supreme Court Returns To Speed Camera Question
Iowa Supreme Court justices question whether speed camera ticket notices in Des Moines violated due process.

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