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Michael A. Campbell
Indiana Supreme Court Considers Speeding Stop By Forgetful Cop
Indiana Supreme Court weighs whether speeding stop is valid if the police officer does not remember how fast the suspect was going.

Can a police officer stop you for speeding if he does not know how fast you were traveling? That was the question presented Monday to the Indiana Supreme Court, which heard the appeal of Zachariah Marshall, a man pulled over for speeding in a Toyota Camry on October 29, 2016. Marshall was eventually arrested for drunk driving, but the validity of the initial traffic stop came into doubt when Hebron Reserve Officer Sean Dolan showed during testimony that he had no idea how fast Marshall was going ...

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Tire chalking
Michigan Motorist Fights Tire Chalking
Sixth Circuit US Court of Appeals to rule on whether meter maids need to obtain a warrant before chalking tires.

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Phoenix, Arizona camera
Arizona, France, Italy, Russia: Speed Cameras Toppled, Blinded
Across the world, speed cameras and red light cameras fell last week.

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Trooper Scott Townsley
Facebook Traffic Stop Complaint Triggers Kentucky Cops
Lawsuit charges Kentucky state troopers with assault, puppy-kicking over a Facebook complaint about a traffic stop.

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Traffic arrest
Los Angeles, California Court Forced To Reform Traffic Fine Policies
Los Angeles and the state of California update policies to limit the suspension of drivers licenses over unpaid traffic tickets.

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