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Herbert H. Slatery III
Tennessee Attorney General Reverses Course On Red Light Cameras
Tennessee attorney general flip flops on the issue of whether red light camera companies can review tickets under state law.

In a blockbuster ruling last month, Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III held that private companies could not review red light camera images under state law. As every photo ticketing program in the United States outsources ticket review to private contractors, the opinion effectively outlawed camera enforcement in the Volunteer State. On Monday, Slatery backed off after receiving a request from state Senator Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville), a major booster of automated ticketing. "Whi ...

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SH130 Concession Company
Texas: Failed Toll Road Divvies Up Ownership
Instead of reverting to the public, bankrupt Texas toll road retains management under new ownership.

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Green spraypaint speed camera
France, Luxembourg, Sweden: Speed Cameras Attacked
Spraypaint, tar and fireworks put several European speed cameras out of commission last week.

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Judge Virginia M. Kendall
Federal Judge Refuses To Dismiss Redflex Bribe Case
US district judge denies motion to set aside jury verdict in Redflex corruption trial.

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Andy Taylor
Texas: Camera Company Lawyer Embraces Ballot Referendum Reform
Red light camera company lawyer calls for reform of the ballot initiative process in Texas.

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