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Spraypainted white
France: Speed Cameras Torched, Blinded
Fire and spraypaint took several speed cameras out of commission in France last week.

On Saturday, vigilantes disabled the speed camera in Cluny, France by covering its lenses with white spraypaint, according to Le Journal de Saone-et-Loire. In Mouaze, vigilantes used a burning tire to destroy the speed camera on the RD175 last week Monday, 20 Minutes reported. At around the same time, th ...

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NICE logo
UK Motoring Group Slams Government-Funded Report As Anti-Car
Alliance of British Drivers says public transport, not private automobiles, is responsible for bad air quality.

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Arif Mehmood
2010 Study: License Points Have No Behavioral Impact
Study from 2010 shows the license point system for speeding tickets does not measurably deter speeding.

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LA parking meter
California Supreme Court Finalizes Parking Ticket Ruling
Private companies may no longer decide the guilt or innocence of motorists who contest parking tickets in California.

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Donald Trump
OPINION: Draining the transportation swamp
A recommendation to the incoming administration on improving infrastructure by preserving the interstate highway system.

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