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Drug dog Manni
Indiana: Dashcam Video Refutes Traffic Cop Testimony
Federal judge tosses traffic stop evidence because dashcam video disproved police testimony.

In traffic cases, the law enforcement officer's version of events is usually accepted as the most accurate account. Except in rare cases, this is enough to convict any motorist. One of those rare exceptions took place in an Indiana courtroom earlier this month as US District Court Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson reviewed dashcam video and believed the motorist's version of events over the "illogical" and "inconsistent" account given by a Hancock County sheriff's deputy. Deputy Nicholas E. Ernstes w ...

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Richardson, Texas logo
Texas Judge Declares Red Light Camera Program Illegal
Judge rules that red light camera program in Richardson, Texas violated state law.

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HGN test
Washington Supreme Court Upgrades Importance Of Field Sobriety Tests
Washington Supreme Court accepts refusal to take a roadside field sobriety test as evidence of drunk driving.

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RD810 speed camera
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Bugged, Burned
Vigilantes and insects teamed up to disable speed cameras throughout Germany and France last week.

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Supreme Court building
US Supreme Court Overturns Criminal Penalty For DUI Blood Draw Refusal
Motorists may not suffer criminal penalties for refusing to submit to a blood draw in DUI cases.

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