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Smashed Luxembourg camera
France, Luxembourg, UK: Speed Cameras Thwarted
European vigilantes use trash bags, hammers, spraypaint and fire to thwart the use of automated ticketing machines.

Vigilantes in Luxembourg did not wait for the newly installed speed cameras to be installed before acting last week. According to Luxemburger Wort, the automated ticketing machine on the N24 in Beckerich had its lens smashed. Ten cameras are scheduled to go live in the area on March 16. In Revin, France, vigilantes trashed a speed camera on Saturday. read more >> 

Chief Justice Terrie Livingston
Texas Appeals Court Slams Forced DUI Blood Draw
Second highest court in Texas says police must follow US Supreme Court ban on warrantless blood draws from motorists.

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State Senator Steve Smith
Arizona Senate Committee Hints At Photo Radar Rescue Plan
Lobbyists and other camera supporters begin the push to water down a proposed statewide photo enforcement referendum.

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Maryland State House
State Lawmakers Take Up Traffic Camera Bans
State legislatures in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Maryland take up measures to outlaw automated enforcement in the wake of scandal.

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Ohio Court of Appeals
Ohio Appeals Court Green Lights Class Action Against Speed Cams
Technical appellate court decision clears way for class action lawsuit against speed camera appeals in New Miami, Ohio.

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