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New Jersey Supreme Court
New Jersey Supreme Court Allows High Beams On Empty Roads
High court in New Jersey finds it unreasonable for police to pull over motorists for using high beams when there is no oncoming traffic.

Driving on a deserted road with high beams on is perfectly legal in New Jersey, according to a ruling from the state's highest court. The justices last week unanimously decided to drop charges against Al-Sharif Scriven, who had been pulled over on November 3, 2013 for driving with her headlights on the brightest setting. Essex County Sheriff's Officer David Cohen initiated the disputed traffic stop, "just to basically, educate the driver to advise her that her high beams [were] on... you can' ...

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Arcore, Italy speed camera
France, Italy, Luxembourg, UK: Speed Cameras Disabled
Vigilantes across Europe used a variety of methods to take out speed cameras last week.

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Suspended license
Virginia: Lawsuit Seeks To End License Suspension Over Unpaid Fees
Lawsuit argues debt-related license suspensions in Virginia trap low-income motorists in a cycle of poverty.

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UM driving simulator
Minnesota Study Finds No Benefit To Work Zone Speed Cams
Speed cameras failed to produce any significant results in a Minnesota DOT work zone study.

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Judge Michael A. Oster Jr
Ohio Judge Refuses To Garnish Speed Cameras From Scofflaw Town
County judge rejects attempt to garnish the speed cameras in New Miami, Ohio to secure repayment of illegally issued photo tickets.

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