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Lisa Torraco and Daniel A. Ivey-Soto
New Mexico State Senators Attack Automoble Impounding
New Mexico lawmakers take aim at Albuquerque for ignoring law outlawing the civil forfeiture of automobiles.

A pair of New Mexico state lawmakers are taking action to block Albuquerque's civil forfeiture program. State Senators Lisa Torraco (R-Bernalillo) and Daniel A. Ivey-Soto (D-Bernalillo) last week teamed up with the Institute for Justice in a lawsuit meant to stop the city from grabbing cars for profit. Since 2010, the Albuquerque has seized 8300 automobiles, generating $8.3 million in revenue. The city relies on the loose standards of civil forfeiture that allow police officers to show "proba ...

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2nd Circuit courtroom
Federal Appeals Court Tosses Anti-Camera Suit
Second Circuit US Court of Appeals rejects civil rights lawsuit against Nassau County, New York camera vendor.

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Remi Gaillard
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Mocked
Speed cameras are mocked in France and smashed in Italy last week.

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Redflex strategy
Redflex CEO Confirms Photo Enforcement On The Decline
Redflex admits there is no more room for growth in the US red light camera or speed camera market.

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David Lim
California City Bucks Trend, Gives Redflex A Chance
San Mateo, California gives Redflex 90 days to answer public concerns about the red light camera program.

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