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241 toll road
California Toll Roads Sued Over Deceptive Practices
Class action lawsuit claims Orange County, California toll road generates tens of millions in penalties by misleading motorists.

A motorist is suing a local government agency in California for intentionally luring unsuspecting motorists onto toll roads so that they could be billed hundreds of dollars in fines. In a class action lawsuit filed on Monday, Ebrahim H. Mahda says he found himself on the Route 73 toll road on November 26, 2015, and, since he did not have a FasTrak transponder, he received a demand that he pay $232 weeks later in the mail. Toll booths were eliminated on the county's toll roads in 2014. "Defen ...

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Barbara Joan Lopp
Federal Judge: Motorist Looking Forward Is Not Suspicious
A woman pulled over in Sioux City, Iowa because she was not looking at police will likely have her conviction tossed out in federal court.

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North Carolina license plate
North Carolina Court: Police Must Respect Registration Grace Period
A car with an expired registration sticker may be legally driven, the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled.

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Saint-Vincent-des-Landes speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Painted, Rammed, Torched
Vigilantes in Italy and France use fire, force and paint to prevent speed cameras from issuing tickets.

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Crashed school bus
US DOT Report: School Bus Drivers Remain Greatest Danger To Kids
In ten years, only four children nationwide have ever been killed by motorists passing a school.

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