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Rep Andy Holt
Tennessee Lawmaker Renews Fight Against Traffic Cameras
State representative in Tennessee uses Monopoly money to pay photo citation, urges residents to toss their tickets.

Tennessee state Representative Andy Holt (R-Dresden) knows it will be tough this year to beat the entrenched interests protecting the photo enforcement industry in his state. Past attempts to ban the use of automated ticketing outright have been blocked by lobbyists for Volunteer State municipalities and photo enforcement companies. Holt has decided to get creative this session to deal with what he sees as an unconstitutional arrangement. "These particular citations violate constitutional rig ...

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Tired French speed camera
Australia, France, UK: Speed Cameras Tumbled, Tired
All around the world, speed cameras were associated with crashes, fire and spraypaint last week.

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Kostopoulos Taurus pulled over
Florida Traffic Cop Convicted Of Shaking Down Drivers
Florida jury convicts Miami-Dade detective of stealing from drivers during traffic stops.

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Jeremy McPike
Virginia Lawmaker Forces Toll Rate Transparency
Virginia Department of Transportation agrees to let drivers know in advance whether taking the toll lane saves time.

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Lance W. Clow
Idaho: Legislation Would Excuse Speeding While Passing
Lawmaker in Idaho proposes to allow some speeding while passing on two-lane roads.

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