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DPS Director Frank Milstead
Arizona DPS Grants Licenses To Photo Ticketing Companies
Redflex and ATS win agency private investigator licenses from Arizona DPS director.

Red light cameras and speed cameras stopped flashing over a month in Arizona after a surprise opinion from Attorney General Mark Brnovich said photo ticket vendors could not legally operate without private investigator licenses (read opinion). Because the state's two main vendors, American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia were operating without a license, the programs came to a halt. That did not sit well with Arizona Department of ...

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Rep. Steve Lebsock
Colorado General Assembly Passes Photo Ticketing Ban Again
Colorado lawmakers send a photo ticketing ban to a governor who has vowed to veto the legislation.

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Martellago speed camera
Italy: Speed Camera Spraypainted
A speed camera in Martellago, Italy was disabled with spraypaint last week.

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Chicago federal courthouse
More Sentencing Delays In Redflex Corruption Trial
Sentencing delayed until September for Redflex executive convicted of bribery. Another figure convicted for his role spends weekend in Florida.

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US Supreme Court building
US Supreme Court To Decide On DUI Laws
High court to decide whether states can impose criminal penalty for refusing a breath or blood test.

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