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Credit rating agency logos
Credit Report Settlement Threatens Automated Ticketing Industry
Settlement prohibits credit reporting agencies from lowering credit scores over unpaid photo tickets.

In many states, the only penalty for failing to pay a red light camera or speed camera ticket is a black mark on a driver's credit score. That leverage is no more, thanks to a $6 million settlement reached between thirty-one state attorneys general and credit reporting agencies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The sweeping agreement will protect consumers by limiting the ability of for-profit photo ticketing companies from affecting the credit of vehicle owners. "We've had many complaints ov ...

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John P. Raphael
Third Guilty Plea In Redflex Red Light Camera Scandal
Redflex lobbyist admits extortion in ongoing photo ticketing scandal in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Blown up speed camera
France, Germany, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Trashed
Across Europe, vigilantes use paint, explosives and fire to prevent speed cameras from issuing tickets.

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Speaker Howell at anti-tolling event
Virginia Lawmakers Challenge I-66 Tolling Plan
GOP leaders in Virginia line up to oppose proposal to convert Interstate 66 into a toll road.

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Dropping camera use
Redflex Tries To Win Back Shareholders
Redflex red light cameras and speed camera deployments have dropped by half as municipalities reject automated enforcement.

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