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Fleximan Takes A Break In Italy, Vigilantes Step Up in France
Imitators took the place of angle-grinder wielding Italian speed camera vigilante last week. Cameras also disabled in France, Germany.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

The Italian vigilante known as Fleximan last week took a break from cutting down speed cameras with his trademark angle grinder. In his place, followers took up the cause. On Sunday, a fan of the anonymous camera slicer used green spraypaint to blind the automated ticketing machine on Via Unita d'Italia in Busnago. On the side of the device, he wrote "Fleximan" in large letters. Also on Sunday, the speed camera on the SS18 near Palmi was set on fire. In Asti, local officials found the remains of a speed camera that had been cut down in Asti on Christmas Eve. The dismantled devices had washed up on the bank of the river Tanaro. On Tuesday, a vigilante used red paint to blind a pair of recently installed speed cameras on Via per Senna in Como.

Other fans of Fleximan are using other techniques to interfere with anti-motorist policies. In Cappella Maggiore, an anonymous tractor driver knocked over five 30km/h (19 MPH) speed limit signs that had been installed in the town's central area 24 hours prior. On Monday January 29, "Dossoman" dismantled the speed bumps installed on Via Rizzola Levante in Bologna, spraying his name in green paint on the ground. Attacks on obstacles placed in the road also took place in Gualtieri and in the Rimini area last week. On Wednesday, a sign placed on a speed camera pole on Strada Provinciale 3 in Pradellona announced that "Fleximan is coming." In Rimini, fans of Fleximan have started a legal defense fund to pay for expenses in the event the anonymous vigilante is caught.

On Thursday, automated ticketing opponents torched the speed camera on the RD347 in La Chaussee, France. The same fate befell the photo radar device on the RD 120, near Saint-Paul-des-Lande, on the same day. Also on Thursday, an unhappy face was taped an unhappy face over the lens of the speed camera in Charleville-Mezieres. On Monday, January 30, the speed camera on the RD955 in Sancerre went up in flames. On Saturday, January 27, hay bales covered the speed cameras on the RD1 in Maleville.

On Saturday, January 27, two anonymous vigilantes disabled the speed camera on Bruderstrasse in Ludenscheid, Germany.

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