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Photo Radar Cut Down In Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK
Last week saw speed cameras slashed and spraypainted in Australia, Canada, England, France and Germany.

Explosion destroys German speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Cornwall, England, on Friday, vigilantes once again used an angle grinder to cut down the pole-mounted speed camera at Longdowns on the A394. Three other automated ticketing machines in the area have been sliced over the past two months. In Ontario, Canada, vigilantes knocked over and defaced the just-installed speed camera on Station Street in West Lincoln on Sunday, November 12.

In East Rockingham, Australia, a speed camera was destroyed after it failed to prevent an incident on Thursday. A 27-year-old behind the wheel of a Hyundai Lantra smashed into the photo radar device that had been set up to trap motorists on Patterson Road. Western Australia police have filed charges against the man.

Police in Salzgitter, Germany, on Wednesday released a photo of the speed camera on Ludwig-Erhard- Strasse that had been destroyed with an explosive device on October 1. Damage is estimated at 80,000 euros (US $87,000). Officials have no idea who might be responsible.

An organized protest in the Gers department of France disabled dozens of speed cameras with black tarps on Wednesday. The activist farmer group known as Coordination Rurale 32 (CR32) painted protest messages on the cameras that explained they are "fed up" with the government. Pink spraypaint blinded the speed camera on the RN31 in Jonchery-sur-Vesle on Tuesday. The same device had been painted blue in September.

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