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Canada, France, Germany, Italy: Anti-Speed Camera Activity Rises
Sit-in demonstration against speed cameras planned in Italy while devices are disabled in Canada, France and Germany.

Cadoneghe, Italy photo radar protest
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Residents upset at the use of speed cameras filled a city council meeting hall in Cadoneghe, Italy, on Wednesday. They complained about the photo radar units on the SR307 that have issued 25,382 automated tickets since June. Organizers plan a major protest on September 19 that will include a sit-in demonstration at Piazza Insurrezione, with organizers vowing not to stop until the fines are refunded. In Borgo San Lorenzo, vigilantes blew apart the speed camera on Via Pietro Caiani with a bomb on Friday.

Vigilantes in Mississauga, Canada, have disabled speed cameras operating on city roads 172 times so far this year, up from 161 times last year. The 22 privately owned and operated cameras have been spraypainted, had their lenses smashed. One particular photo radar unit has been knocked over 18 times, according to CBC.

Vigilantes in Sankt Ingbert, Germany, on Sunday poured gasoline on the speed camera on the BAB 6 and lit the device on fire, causing moderate damage, according to police. In Schorndorf, vigilantes used black spraypaint to disable the speed camera on the B29 on Saturday, September 9.

Vigilantes in Messei, France, took out the speed camera on the RD43 on Saturday by covering its lens with gray spraypaint.

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