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European Resistance To Speed Cameras Grows
Vigilantes last week destroyed or disabled dozens of photo radar devices in Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany and Italy.

Torched speed camera in France
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Vigilantes in Alleriot, France, on Friday blinded a speed camera with red spraypaint and the message "Merci" on the side in neat handwriting. In Airion, the speed camera on the RD916 was repaired and brought back into service only to be attacked again for the third time on Monday, August 14, by having its lens spraypainted blue. In Onnaing, the speed camera on the RD935 was completely destroyed by fire.

Polyurethane spray foam thwarted the mobile speed camera car issuing automated tickets from the side of the SR10 in Legnago, Italy. Belgian vigilantes took out the speed camera on the Route des Barrages in Walcourt by painting its lenses white.

Over in Ulm, Germany, automated ticketing opponents smashed the two glass lenses of the speed camera on Laupheimer Strasse, according to a police report issued Saturday. In Rudersdorf, vigilantes attempted to torch the speed camera that had been issuing automated tickets on Bundesstrasse 1 on Sunday, August 13.

In Cyprus, motorits have been fighting back against speed cameras on a daily basis. Drivers have been photographing the private operators of the photo radar vans as they committed various traffic law violations of their own. On Wednesday, August 9, a man began berating the driver of an automated ticketing car and was arrested for allegedly "punching" the door of the vehicle. Officials are looking to make it a crime to park behind a photo radar van because so many individuals have been blocking the devices from generating citations.

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