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Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Blocked And Bisected
A photo radar van was blocked in England and a trio of speed cameras in Italy and Scotland were cut down last week.

Man blocks speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Vigilantes in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Sunday decapitated the automated ticketing camera set up on Manse Road to ticket motorists who use the road during the morning or afternoon hours that officials have set aside for the exclusive use of buses. Opponents of the scheme also spraypainted over the camera enforcement warning signs. Police in West Yorkshire, England, became furious when a 67-year-old motorist interrupted a speed camera trap on Friday, July 14. The driver parked his truck behind a photo radar van, blocking the device's ability to generate citations. According to the department, the man was issued a "conditional caution" advising him of the possibility of prosecution if he parks within 65 feet of a speed camera again.

On Wednesday, foes of automated ticketing in Bosaro, Italy, cut down the pole-mounted speed camera on SS16. This marked the second time this photo radar device has been knocked over since May. In Vigonovo, the speed camera on Via Cadicetto was torn from its mounting point and tossed into a canal, on Saturday, July 15.

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