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German Vigilantes Knock Out Five Speed Cameras
Five photo radar units were either swiped, smashed or spraypainted in Germany over the past two weeks.

German mobile speed camera
The mobile speed camera trailer that had been issuing automated tickets on the Vor dem Neuen Tore in Luneburg, Germany, was smashed in the early morning hours on Sunday, according to police reports. In Kirchlinteln, vigilantes on Wednesday bashed the speed camera that had been issuing automated tickets on the B215 Heidkrugstrasse. Polizei Verden have no idea who might be responsible.

A trio of speed cameras in Germany were also taken out of service on the prior week. On Wednesday, August 17, unknown vigilantes swiped the device that had been issuing automated citations on Rheinstrasse in Hamminkeln, according to the district police authority in Wesel. Also on Wednesday, the speed camera on the Durrenbacher Hutte in Weimar was blinded with black spraypaint. The same technique was used to disable the speed camera on Jenaer Strasse in Jena on Saturday, August 13.

Speed camera advocates argue that the automated ticketing machines improve safety by altering driver behavior. They argue the fear of getting tickets will slow motorists, resulting in safer roads. The opposite proved to be the case in Bielefeld, Germany, on August 19 as a motorcyclist noticed the photo radar unit operating on Eckendorfer Strasse. Out of his fear of getting a ticket, the 31-year-old rider slammed on his brakes on a curve, causing the Honda motorcycle to slide off the road. The rider was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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