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Speed Cameras Hassled, Destroyed In France, Netherlands, UK
Speed cameras last week suffered attacks in England, The Netherlands and France.

Destroyed speed camera
Vigilantes in Molosmes, France, on Saturday set fire to the speed camera on the RD944. In Theix-Noyalo, the speed camera on the RN165 was torched on Friday. On Reunion, an island in East Africa, vigilantes on Wednesday set fire to the speed camera on the RN2 in Petite-Ile.

In Croydon, England, a man fed up with the use of automated ticketing machines on Thursday stood on the side of Haling Road holding a sign warning motorists of the photo trap. A £130 (US $172) fine applies to the owner of a vehicle entering that road during certain times, but signage at the location is confusing. The man counted over fifty cars that were spared a ticket after seeing his warning. A pair of speed cameras in Den Haag, Netherlands were knocked over two weeks ago on the Vaillantlaan. The devices, which were newly installed in October, are not scheduled to be replaced until January. The cameras were destroyed during protests in opposition to government measures imposed to deal with the Covid-19 virus scare.

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