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France, UK: Speed Cameras Blocked
British motorist blocked a speed camera while vigilantes in France spraypainted several automated ticketing machines last week.

British man blocks speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

A man thwarted a speed camera in Hull, England, on July 25 by standing on the sidewalk. While he was there, talking on his mobile phone, the automated ticketing van on on Saltshouse Road was unable to photograph passing motorists.

One of the most attacked speed cameras in France, the device on the RD1029 in Proyart, was disabled for the twenty-fifth time by vigilantes armed with a can of white spraypaint last week. On Tuesday, vigilantes in La Barre blinded the speed camera on the RD673 with blue spraypaint. The speed camera that had been dragged into a ditch off the RD973 in Corberon the previous week was, on Tuesday, set on fire. In Haudainville, the speed camera on the RD903 was spraypainted black.

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