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Italian Speed Camera Sale Thwarted, French Cameras Sprayed
Authorities in Italy prevent a 1990s-era speed camera from being sold. Vigilantes prevent French speed cameras from operating.

Italian speed camera 1990
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Gournay-en-Bray, France, on Tuesday, a pair of speed cameras that had just been installed days earlier on the RD915 were blinded with yellow spraypaint and the slogan, "We won't let go."

Police in Grosseto, Italy, stopped a man from selling an old speed camera system. The device was a working, film-based system used in the 1990s that was supposed to have been destroyed upon its decommissioning to prevent it from falling into the hands of ordinary citizens. The seller came across the device at work and thought enough time has passed that he put it up for sale for 500 euros (US $590).

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