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Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Opponents of automated ticketing sabotaged dozens of speed cameras across Australia and Europe last week.

Foamed Austrian speed camera
Opponents of automated ticketing sabotaged more than a dozen speed cameras across Europe and Australia last week. On Friday, the speed camera on the RN416 in Saint-Leonard, France, was destroyed by fire. On Thursday, vigilantes attempted -- but failed -- to cut down the pole-mounted speed camera on the RD14 in Mornac-sur-Seudre. Efforts were more successful in Boulogne-sur-Mer, where only a burnt out shell remained after the speed camera on the RN416 was torched. In Flers, Orne, green spraypaint blinded the camera on the RD962. In Pleuven, red paint was used to blind the speed camera on the RD45 on Wednesday. Around the same time, the turret speed camera on the RD104 in Chabrillan was completely destroyed by being cut down and set on fire. The speed camera on the RD952 in Ouzouer-sur-Loire was set ablaze, with the nearby turret speed camera on the RD2007 in Amilly being chopped down the day before. Also on Tuesday, vigilantes in Chambaron sur Morge smashed the lenses of the brand new, pole-mounted "turret" speed camera before it had a chance to issue any automated citations. In Saint-Hippolyte, vigilantes flipped over the speed camera on the RD137. On April 25, the turret speed camera on the RN102 in Aubenas was torched. The day prior, the camera on the RD93 in Luc-en-Diois was also burned, and the camera on the RD949BIS in Vernoux-en-Gatine was spraypainted red.

In Worgl, Austria, vigilantes on Saturday sprayed thick construction foam over the lenses of six speed cameras, blinding the devices. In Ditzingen, Germany, vigilantes on Wednesday disabled the mobile speed camera that had been issuing tickets on Schillerstrasse by spraying it with silver paint, according to Polizeiprasidium Ludwigsburg.

In Pontedera, Italy, opponents of automated ticketing torched a pair of speed cameras on the FiPiLi (Firenze-Pisa-Livorno highway) in Crespina Lorenzana and Montopoli in Val D'arno. In New South Wales, Australia, vigilantes spraypainted, torched or smashed four cameras designed to send automated tickets for alleged use of mobile phones while driving.

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