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France, Germany, Mexico: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Speed camera tickets ignored in Jalisco, Mexico while cameras are blinded and burned in Germany and France.

Castetis speed camera painted
In Jalisco, Mexico, only one out of five speed camera ticket recipients bothers to pay the fine. According to El Informador newspaper, 998,087 tickets were issued in the past year, but only 183,130 fines have been collected so far. Despite the low collection rate, the system has generated 585,745,000 pesos in profit (US $30,150,000).

On Thursday, vigilantes in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, disabled the speed camera trailer on the B41 by blinding it with spraypaint, according to local police.

On Saturday, vigilantes in Urville, France, set fire to the speed camera that had just been installed four days earlier on the RN158. On Tuesday, the speed camera on the RD817 in Castetis was blinded with white spraypaint.

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