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DC, France: Speed Cameras Tossed, Painted
Speed cameras in Washington, DC and in France took a beating last week.

DC speed camera tipping
A vigilante in the nation's capital took out a second speed camera on Thursday. The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department said the automated ticketing machine located at the 3700 block of Southern Avenue in Southeast was damaged by a man in a pickup truck just after 5am.

Vigilantes in Beon, France used red spraypaint to take out the speed camera on the D37 on Saturday, Le Progres reported. On Friday, the speed camera on the RN165 in Kervignac was cut down with a power saw, according to Ouest France. Black paint covered the lens of the speed camera on the RD962 in Montilly-sur-Noireau on Tuesday, L'Orne Combattante reported. Around the same time officials in Chateaubriant gave up and removed the speed camera on the D771 that vigilantes had set on fire in November, according to L'Eclaireur.

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