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France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UK: Speed Cameras Under Attack
Guns, fire, paint and hacksaws were used against speed cameras around the world last week.

Smiley face speed camera
Vigilantes in Northwich, England set fire to a speed camera last week Monday. According to the Chester Chronicle, a burning tire was used to start the blaze that disabled the A556 Chester Road camera in Sandiway. On Wednesday, a speed camera on the A37 in South Somerset failed to prevent a collision resulting in the camera's destruction, the Western Gazette reported.

On Friday, vigilantes beheaded a speed camera in Eslohe, Germany. In a statement, Nordhein-Westfalen Polizei said they had no idea who was responsible for the attack on the automated ticketing machine on Bundesstrasse 55 in Wenner Stieg.

In Sabliere, France, vigilantes covered the entire front end of the speed camera on the RN122 with orange paint and a large white smiley face, La Montagne reported. In Lorient, vigilantes on Wednesday used a tire to burn the automated ticketing machine on the RD769. According to Le Telegramme, the device had just been installed five days before the attack.

In Albiano, Italy, a resident angry at the mayor's plan to install speed cameras sent a message last week Saturday with two shotgun blasts that took out an electronic speed display sign, Quotidiano dei Canavese reported.

Matters took a dark turn in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday as a gunman fired a single shot at the door of a Saher photo radar van that was ticketing motorists on King Fahd Road. The van's driver was struck in the thigh and taken for treatment at a nearby hospital in stable condition, Sabq reported.

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