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France, Germany, Saudi Arabia: Traffic Cameras Burned, Painted, Trolled
Spraypaint and fire disables speed cameras in France and Germany while a shopping cart fools a red light camera in Saudi Arabia.

Morbihan, France burned camera
In Gifhorn, Germany, vigilantes disabled a pair of speed cameras on Monday by spraypainting their lenses black. According to Allgemeine Zeitung, the automated ticketing machines were installed on Bundesstrasse 4 in Mahrenholz and Wagenhoff.

In Morbihan, France, vigilantes set fire to the speed camera near Vannes-Lorient last week Sunday. According to Ouest France, this marks the sixth time in eighteen months that this particular camera has been attacked. In Epenoy, Plein Air reports that the speed camera on the RD461 had its lenses painted black on Monday. Pink was the color of choice on Tuesday in Lamballe, according to Le Telegramme. Last week, automated ticketing machines along the RN12 have been similarly attacked. Red paint was used in Noyal and white in Plenee-Jugon, Le Penthievre reported.

In Saudi Arabia, vigilantes have been taunting the "Saher" red light camera operators by using a shopping cart to set off the automated ticketing machine. The video has been making the rounds on social media outlets. View the video on YouTube.

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