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Belarus, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Bashed, Burned, Crashed
Four speed cameras in Belarus and one in Germany attacked, while a photo radar car in England injures four boys.

Belarus speed cameraFour speed cameras were attacked in Mogilev, Belarus in the past week, Hawa Hiba reported. Vigilantes used a rope to pull down one camera. The camera on Mira Prospect was covered in paint. In the Gluhskaya Seliba district, the camera was shot with a rifle. In Chechevichi, vigilantes cut off the camera's head on Wednesday and took it into the woods where it was burned. Ever since the cameras were installed in the region July 2012, the devices have been routinely spraypainted or covered with trashbags.

In Coburg, Germany, a 26-year-old man used a pipe wrench to attack a photo radar vehicle at around 4:30pm on Thursday. According to Frankischer Tag, the man smashed the side window of the vehicle which was manned by a 44-year-old woman at the time. After allegedly delivering threats, the man ran off. Police conducted a search, found the man and placed him under arrest.

In Yorkshire, England, four seventeen-year-olds were injured in a collision with a speed camera van on the B1257 at 8:30pm on July 9, the York Press reported.

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