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Italy: Unpopular Speed Cameras Spraypainted
Near Venice, Italy unpopular speed cameras are spraypainted so a mayor decides to advertise his town has no speed cameras.

Tombolo No Camera signVigilantes in Scorze, Italy spraypainted the lenses of the Velo OK brand speed cameras on the Via Liguria and the Via Ponte Nuovo. Venezia Today reports the Via Ponte Nuovo camera also had a message insulting the local government spraypainted on it.

Distrust of automated ticketing machines is so widespread in the Venice region that the mayor of Tombolo, Franco Zorzo, put up a large sign in front of his town that reads: "In our community, we do not make cash with fixed speed cameras." According to Padova Oggi, Zorzo takes pride in balancing his budget without needing to turn to speed cameras, which his neighbors use to pull in a million a year for each camera installed. Zorzo instead relies on police patrols which generate significantly less revenue.

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