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France, Italy, Spain, UAE: Speed Cameras Assaulted
Speed cameras are shot, burned, spraypainted and rammed in Europe and the Middle East.

Spraypainted French speed cameraA vigilante blasted a speed camera on the SP3 in Casenuove, Italy with a shotgun. According to Corriere Adriatico, 50,000 euros (US $68,000) in damage was done as the buckshot pierced the camera housing and destroyed the electronic equipment inside.

On Wednesday, a court in the United Arab Emirates sentenced a twenty-year-old man for setting an Abu Dhabi speed camera on fire. The university student insisted he was innocent, Emirates 24-7 reported.

In Champsaur, France, vigilantes used white spraypaint to disable a speed camera on Wednesday. According to Le Dauphine, the device was located on the RN85.

In Pontevedra, Spain, the driver of a Hyundai Tucson rammed a speed camera car on Tuesday. Faro de Vigo reported that police are charging Luis Humberto, 39, with damaging the speed camera car on the PO-331.

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