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Ohio, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Damaged, Decorated
Vigilantes in Ohio, France and Italy dress photo radar devices as Santa Claus and damage their wiring.

Santa Claus speed camera, ItalyVigilantes attacked a speed camera in Lucas, Ohio on Wednesday. According to the Mansfield News Journal, cables and USB storage drives of the device were damaged.

In the Vosges, France, the lenses of the average speed camera on the N159 were shattered on Monday, according to Vosges Matin. In Gironde, vigilantes with the holiday spirit transformed a speed camera on the RD670 into Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Sud Ouest reported the Santa hat covered the camera lens, preventing tickets from being issued. The hat was soon removed.

Santa Claus also made a visit to a speed camera in Spinea, Italy on Tuesday. A Santa face and had was placed on the bright orange automated ticketing machine on the Via Martiri, according to La Nuova.

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