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Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Burned And Sprayed
Vigilantes burn and spraypaint speed cameras in Italy and England.

Italian speed camera
Vigilantes in Manchester, England destroyed one of the area's most notorious speed cameras at around 1:30am on Monday. The Manchester Evening News reported that paper and rags were used to fuel the fire that destroyed the Oldham Road camera in Ashton.

A county government employee set fire to a speed camera on Epsom Road in Surrey, England in December. Police on Thursday accused Samuel Goody, 25, of pouring gasoline on the automated ticketing machine and setting it alight because his Land Rover was the last vehicle to be flashed. According to the Daily Mail, A Guildford Crown Court judge sentenced him to 200 hours of community service and ordered to pay £8300 (US $13,300).

In Treviso, Italy vigilantes used black spraypaint to disable newly speed cameras in Mogliano Veneto just before their scheduled activation date on Monday, Treviso Today reported.

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