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Colombia, Italy: Speed Cameras Under Fire
Gunshots damage automated ticketing machines in Colombia and Italy.

Bullet holes in speed cameraVigilantes shot a speed camera two weeks ago in Quindio, Colombia. The automated ticketing machine on the via Chaguala in Calarca. The device has been controversial since its installation in October, as residents have complained of receiving tickets for vehicles they did not own.

"I've never had a bus, I've always had small car," Nelson Guzman Baena told Chronica del Quindio. "A bus appears in the photo. The citation shows a plate that's not my vehicle and they fill in the penalty with my name, identification number and my home address. I am told that I must report to the office of Calarca Transit to pay the fine and attend the [safety] course, which I think is really unfair."

The fine is 141,675 pesos (US $80) if paid immediately.

In Venice, Italy, vigilantes shot the speed camera on Liberta bridge ten times, Corriere del Veneto reported. Police believe a 9mm handgun was used, though no shell casings were found at the scene. The device was an average speed camera known as a "Tutor."

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