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Maryland, France, Italy, UAE: Speed Cameras Under Attack
Vigilantes and rogue police officers attack speed cameras in Maryland, France, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

Gaithersburg, MD speed cameraVigilantes in Silver Spring, Maryland knocked over a trio of speed cameras around November 18. The automated ticketing machines were located near the intersection of Georgia Avenue and Sixteenth Street, WJLA-TV reported. In Gaithersburg, vigilantes struck a speed cameras on Quince Orchard Road, covering the lens with shaving cream or some other type of foam.

In the United Arab Emirates, officials in Abu Dhabi have become so upset at the loss of revenue from cameras being vandalized that they are introducing 24-hour surveillance cameras to watch the speed cameras. According to The National, photo ticketing vendor Saaed and an Italian surveillance company will provide more secure housings for the cameras along with a alarm system that relies on a cell phone to notify police in the event of an incident.

French police officers angered by revenue raising speed cameras have been placing bags over speed cameras, TV1 reported.

In Piemonte, Italy, vigilantes blinded a speed camera in San Giuliano Vecchio in May. According to Tuono News, the device located on SP10 had a cloth held in place over the lenses with an odd arrangement of tape and wires.

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