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France, Mexico: Eight Speed Cameras Attacked
Vigilante group claims credit for destroying six French speed cameras while Mexican prosecutors free accused pair accused of camera destruction.

Trashed speed camera
Vigilantes in the Brittany region of France claimed credit for destroying six speed cameras last week. According to Ouest-France, a group calling itself "Argad, the Breton resistance" issued a statement saying it had eliminated automated ticketing machines in Baud, Pontivy and Vannes as a protest against the "application of illegal taxes by the French state on the Breton nation."

A photo enforcement company in Guadalajara, Mexico this week declined to press charges against two young men accused of destroying a pair of speed cameras, DK 1250AM radio reported. Jaime Ordiales Martinez and Gonzalo Alcocer Fregoso were released after promising to repay the 700,000 peso (US $53,000) in damages.

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