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Maryland, Italy, New Zealand: Speed Cameras Defeated
Speed cameras spraypainted in Maryland, burned in Italy and exposed in New Zealand.

Italian speed camera
Vigilantes disabled a speed camera in Hampton, Maryland on Friday. This marks the second time that the automated ticketing machine on Cromwell Bridge Road has had its lenses blocked by spraypaint. The new decorations used orange and silver paint, scrawling "2013" on the camera base. The device only began issuing citations on Thursday, according to the Baltimore Sun. Another camera on Seven Courts Drive in Perry Hall was hit with black spraypaint on Saturday morning, Towson Patch reported.

Vigilantes set fire to a newly installed speed camera in Cerignola, Italy on August 30, La Notizia reported. The device was to begin issuing citations on the SS16 toward Foggia on September 1, but it has now been completely destroyed.

In Nelson, New Zealand, a notorious speed trap on Atawhai Drive was thwarted last week. According to Fairfax NZ, vigilantes pruned the trees that the photo radar van had been hiding behind. The speed trap has now been moved behind a new tree.

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