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Speed Cameras Disabled in South Africa and UK
Speed cameras in South Africa and Lincolnshire, England are damaged.

South Africa speed camera
Vigilantes took action against a pair of speed cameras in South Africa and Lincolnshire, England. Last Saturday at around 4:30pm, a large truck or SUV smashed into a speed camera worth 250,000 Rand (US $32,000) in Durbanville, a suburb of Cape Town. The force of the deliberate blow snapped the pole in half, toppling the automated ticketing machine that had only been installed one week prior. Officials intend to blame the attack on a Ford F250 driver who had complained about the camera installation.

In the British village of Tattershall in Lincolnshire, vigilantes spun around the Butts Bridge speed camera on August 16. Facing the wrong direction, the device was completely unable to issue citations and covered in mud. Officials quickly had the device's ticket issuing capabilities restored.

Source: Brand-new speed camera bumped off (Tyger Burger (South Africa), 8/28/2008)

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