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Robert Carl Leonard
Seven Years In Prison For School Bus Camera CEO
Creator of the school bus camera company fined $125 million and sentenced to seven years in prison.

Robert Carl Leonard Jr will spend the next seven years of his life behind bars for his role in the school bus camera scandal that rocked Dallas, Texas. The former CEO of Force Multiplier Solutions (now operating under the name BusPatrol) was sentenced to federal prison last week by US District Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn. She also ordered Leonard to pay back the $125 million that taxpayers lost as a result of his camera scheme.
   It is not clear that Leonard will ever be able to come up with the mo ...

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Judge Ariadne J. Symons
California Judge Denied Due Process In Photo Ticket Case
California Commission on Judicial Performance censures sitting judge refusing to self-incriminate in red light camera case.

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Jonathan Stickland
Texas Passes Partial Red Light Camera Ban
Partial ban on red light cameras takes effect with the signature of the Texas governor.

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Egbert Schauer
German Officials Manipulated Speed Cameras, French, Saudi Cameras Destroyed
Evidence in German court case suggests officials manipulated speed camera data. French and Saudi vigilantes destroyed speed cameras last week.

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Report cover
Insurance Companies Make $1000 For Each Speed Camera Ticket
California red light camera tickets boosted insurance industry profit by $1.5 billion over five years.

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