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House of Commons report cover
UK Parliament Calls For Hands-Free Cell Phone Ban
UK Transport Committee calls for banning all cell phone conversations, even those using bluetooth, while driving.

Talking on a cell phone, even with both hands on the wheel, could soon become an offense in the UK. The House of Commons Select Committee on Transport on Tuesday announced its intention to expand driver distraction laws to extend to having conversations over a bluetooth connection. To justify the move, the committee released a report on the risks of using a mobile phone while driving.
   "While we accept that there would be practical challenges to criminalizing hands-free devices and enforcing t ...

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Angry police officer by  Dave Fayram/Flickr
North Carolina Court Criminalizes Flipping Off A Cop
Offending a police officer with a gesture is a potential crime worthy of investigation under a new North Carolia Court of Appeals ruling.

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Pennsylvania Turnpike
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Tolling For General Revenue
Federal Appeals Court green lights higher tolls for Pennsylvania drivers for use on transit and other unrelated projects.

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Frederick County Maryland sheriff
Maryland Court Blasts Roadside Strip Search Of Female Driver
Maryland Court of Special Appeals throws out the evidence gathered during a strip search conducted on the side of a busy highway.

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Toppled speed camera
France: Attacks On Speed Cameras Keep Pace With Replacements
French officials struggle to replace damaged speed cameras as vigilantes continue to destroy them.

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