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Judicial Council
California Man Sues Traffic Court Over Conflict Of Interest
Federal lawsuit charges California court system with violating due process to bring in more traffic court cash.

Every judge in a California traffic court case has a personal financial stake in the verdict, and that violates the due process rights of motorists, Howard Herships argued in a case currently before the US District Court for the Northern District of California.
   The motorist is suing the California Judicial Council, the state organization led by Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye that is responsible for setting the dollar figures for the traffic tickets that add $1.8 billion annually to the ...

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Right turn on red
Delaware Town Refunds $800,000 In Red Light Camera Tickets
Wilmington, Delaware caught ignoring a state law requiring safety justification for automated right turn on red tickets.

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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Virginia Scolds Insurance Institute For Illegal Speed Camera Use
Virginia state officials chide the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for setting up speed cameras on state roads without permission.

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NUTC report cover
Study Touts Red Light Camera Benefits In Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois agrees to increase red light camera grace time in light of report on program.

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Reims speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras No Longer Function
Fire and spraypaint took out several speed cameras in France and Italy last week.

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