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Supreme Court Buick
West Virginia Audit Finds Bureaucrats Commuting On Taxpayer Dime
State employees, including Supreme Court justices, caught misusing taxpayer funded cars to commute in violation of IRS rules.

Hundreds of West Virginia state employees are using taxpayer-funded cars to drive to work and conduct personal errands, a report released Friday by the state's legislative auditor found. Those employees included state Supreme Court justices who appear to have run afoul of federal tax laws.
   West Virginia's free car policies tightened after a December 2016 audit report uncovered the widespread practice. The Division of Corrections turned in 45 automobiles, and executive branch agencies got rid ...

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Bicycle lane
California Gas Tax Repeal Efforts Heats Up
California poised to vote on ballot measure to repeal $54 billion in taxes on motorists.

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Yellow time
Texas Experiment: Longer Yellow Times Reduced Violations
Denton, Texas tested the effect of an extra second of yellow time, and red light camera violations instantly dropped 62 percent.

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Blocked speed camera
France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, UK: Speed Cameras Swiped, Sprayed
Attacks on automated ticketing machines were on the rise in Europe last week.

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Baltimore bus crash
NTSB Investigation Examines Preventable School Bus Fatalities
A single bus driver with a history of blackouts was responsible for half of school bus riding fatalities in 2016.

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