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Cupcakes for Courage
Chicago Food Trucks Seek US Supreme Court Relief
US Supreme Court is asked to strike down ordinance requiring GPS surveillance of all food trucks in Chicago, Illinois.

Food truck owners in Chicago, Illinois, are fighting the city's requirement that they install GPS trackers that report their location to authorities at all times. After losing their challenge in the Illinois Supreme Court, lawyers for the Institute for Justice have lodged their final appeal with the US Supreme Court. Lawyers from the city earlier this month declined to oppose having the high court take up the issue.
   To protect the interests of local restaurants, the Chicago City Council in 20 ...

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Illinois raid
Illinois Red Light Cameras Are A Billion-Dollar Enterprise
Illinois Policy Institute research found red light cameras have generated $1 billion in Illinois since 2008.

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Jarlstrom equation
Engineering Panel Backpedals On Yellow Times
Yellow time could increase for turning movements at intersections after engineer convinces national panel that drivers have been shortchanged.

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East Liverpool citizen poster
Ohio Court Allows Referendum On Speed Cameras
Court green lights vote on citizen initiative that would ban the use of speed cameras in East Liverpool, Ohio.

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Smashed speed camera in France
France, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Toppled
European cities saw dozens of speed cameras destroyed by vigilantes last week.

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