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San Mateo City Council
San Mateo, California Dumps Red Light Cameras
Shortened yellow light refunds and lack of safety benefit spurred San Mateo, California to pull the plug on red light cameras.

The vast majority of California cities that have experimented with red light cameras have come to regret their decision. The city council in San Mateo voted unanimously on Monday to become the latest jurisdiction to abandon photo enforcement after it came to light 985 tickets worth $472,800 were issued at an intersection with the yellow warning light set to an illegally short duration.
   The yellow light had been shortened from the state-mandated 3.6 second minimum to 3.4 seconds at the camera- ...

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Russian speed camera rammed
Ecuador, France, Germany, Russia: Speed Cameras Scrapped
Speed cameras around the world were burned, blinded and bashed last week.

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Avis Budget Verra Mobility logo
Federal Class Action Possible Against Rental Car Traffic Tickets
Lawsuit against Avis Budget rental car over automatic payment of traffic tickets could become nationwide class action.

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Jenoptik speed camera
German Constitutional Court Questions Speed Camera Reliability
Evidence from Jenoptik Traffistar 350 speed cameras ruled inadmissible by a German state constitutional court.

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Cincinnati Insurance logo
Federal Court Blasts Insurance Attempt To Avoid DUI Liability
Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals ruled denies insurance company attempt to evade liability by claiming drunk driving accidents are not accidents.

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