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Leonard estate
Wife Of Camera Company CEO Involved In Bribery Scandal
Dallas County, Texas wants ex-wife of school bus ticket camera company CEO to pay for alleged role in $185 million bribery scandal.

The ex-wife of a school bus camera company CEO will be held accountable for her alleged role in ripping off taxpayers in Dallas, Texas. County Judge Eric Moye on Friday ruled that Margaret Leonard will have to turn over evidence to the committee charged with clawing back some of the $185 million lost as a result of the stop arm camera scandal that took down Dallas County Schools (DCS).
   "Margaret Leonard and the other conspiracy defendants were part and parcel of a conspiracy to defraud Dallas ...

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Act 19 protest in France
Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Taken Out
European speed cameras took a beating last week with devices being spraypainted, set on fire and smashed.

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Verra Mobility logo
Verra Mobility Loses $58 Million
The red light camera and tolling firm Verra Mobility (formerly ATS) struggles with profitability, faces $1 billion in liabilities.

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Senator Bob Hall, 3/20
Texas Senator Bob Hall Kills Red Light Camera Ban
Texas state senator moves to block House effort from banning red light cameras.

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Eric Chin
Federal Ticket Quota Drove Massachusetts State Police Scandal
Massachusetts state troopers busted for failing to meet the federal ticket quota and writing bogus tickets.

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