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Spraypainted speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Cause Accident, Revenue
A speed camera in Italy injured a motorcyclist while moving violations bring French $1.7 billion in revenue, despite lockdown.

Lockdowns in France last year cost the government over a hundred million euros in speeding and parking ticket revenue. The Court of Auditors last week released budgetary figures showing the virus scare caused a 25 percent drop in photo radar revenue nationwide. Permanently installed speed cameras generated 553 million euros (US $663 million) in profit, off 24 percent from the 729 million euros (US $874 million) that had been expected. Combined with other forms parking and moving violations, the ...

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Speed limit sign
OPINION: How Speed Limits Are Set For Maximum Profit
Commentary on the current system the Federal Highway Administration uses to maximize the profitability of speed limits. Part 3 of a series

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Spraypainted speed camera in Italy
France, Germany, Italy: Outbreak Of Spraypaint And Fire Sabotages Speed Cameras
Spraypaint, fire and plastic wrap took out a dozen European speed cameras last week.

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Redflex Shareholders To Decide On Company Sale
Australian shareholders to decide whether red light camera vendor is sold to Verra Mobility.

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Lots of stop signs
OPINION: Proposed Rules Would Put Stops Signs Anywhere, Everywhere
Commentary on the upcoming changes to Federal Highway Administration rules that allow placement of stop signs just about anywhere. Part 2 of a series

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