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Speed Camera Attacks Continue in UK, France
UK vigilantes sabotage speed cameras while French wine makers set fire to automated ticketing machines.

CRAV members
Vigilantes continue to disable speed cameras throughout Europe. French authorities who thought they could rest easily after last month's capture of an activist from the anti-camera group Fraction Nationaliste Arme Revolutionnaire (FNAR) faced a new set of attacks last week. At the same time, ticketing operations have been thwarted in the UK with little more than a can of spraypaint.

In Lancashire, England a camera on Holmeswood Road near the village of Mere Brow was taken out of action last week. The device has been a favorite target of activists who have burned the machine on several occasions over the past few years. Meanwhile, in Newcastle, a pair of speed cameras had their lenses covered with red spraypaint on Friday. The devices are located on the A1058 Coast Road in Heaton. Northumbria police have no suspects.

In France, a pair of speed cameras went up in flames at around 3:30am last Thursday after gasoline-soaked tires were used to fuel the blaze. One ticketing machine was located southeast of Narbonne and the other in Peyriac-sur-Mer. According to the Midi Libre newspaper, graffiti left at the site indicated wine-making militants from the Languedoc region claimed responsibility. The group CRAV (Comite regional d'action viticole) have used extreme methods to pressure the French government into adopting additional protectionist measures to favor the local wine industry.

Source: Lincendie de deux radars signe CRAV (Midi Libre (France), 6/13/2008)

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