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UK Camera Burned, French Vigilante Captured
Accident uncovers French camera bomber while UK vigilante attacks continue.

Rabiller apartment
Police are baffled by yet another speed camera attack in the UK while an accident solved the mystery of anti-camera attacks in France. At around 11pm on Tuesday a burning tire was placed on a speed camera on the A45 Stonebridge Highway outside Coventry, England. The Coventry Telegraph reported that Firefighters were called to the scene to save the ticketing device, one of several located on the A45 that have generated complaints of revenue raising. Police have no suspects.

In France, a premature bomb explosion severely injured the vigilante believed responsible for at least twelve ticket camera attacks in Paris in the past year. The explosion took place after midnight Wednesday in the Clichy-la-Garenne apartment of postal worker Frederic Rabiller, 29. According to Le Monde, just before slipping into a coma, Rabiller told firefighters that he belonged to Fraction Nationaliste Arme Revolutionnaire (FNAR), the group that claimed it would end the speed camera bombings in return for tax cuts. After a search of the remains of Rabiller's apartment, police found maps of speed camera locations, a timer and three containers of an improvised explosive known as triacetone triperoxide (TATP).

Over 140 investigators from police and anti-terrorist agencies had been trying -- without success -- to locate FNAR members and end the attacks that have been causing significant revenue loss to the state. French prosecutors now believe Rabiller was acting alone. The postal worker lost both his hands in Wednesday's incident and is listed in serious condition.

Source: Les mysteres de lactiviste antiradar (Le Monde (France), 5/29/2008)

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