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Russia Accused Of Stealing Swedish Speed Cameras For Drone Attacks
Swedish media claims Russians swiped speed camera equipment for use against Ukraine. Vigilantes in in Cyprus, France, Germany disabled cameras with fire, paint.

Captured Russian drone
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Over 150 Swedish photo radar devices have been sabotaged by having their photographic equipment removed since August, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported. The most recent attack on an automated ticketing machine took place on the E16, and a local investigation suggested that Russians have been placing cameras liberated from ticketing duties into improvised drones to support operations in Ukraine. The Swedish Transport Authority believes it is more likely the equipment is just being sold on the black market. In 2009, New York City, New York, lost about 70 cameras after two enterprising individuals realized the $4000 Nikon cameras inside red light camera housings were easy to grab and sell for a quick profit.

Attacks on speed cameras on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus continued last week as the fixed photo radar device on Armenia Street in Nicosia was blinded with black spraypaint. In Kemnitz, Germany, vigilantes on Saturday set fire to the speed camera on the L26. According to police, the device survived after the fire extinguished itself.

In Bourogne, France, vigilantes on Friday used a gasoline-soaked tire to torch the speed camera on the RN1019. Around the same time, a speed camera on the RD820 was likewise set ablaze in Vernet-d'Ariege. On Thursday, it was the speed camera on the A20 in Saint-Sylvestre that was destroyed by flames. In Frenois, the speed camera on the RN43 was blinded with black spraypaint on Monday, October 17.

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