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France, Germany, Italy: Photo Radar Crippled
Last week saw several speed cameras destroyed across France, Germany and Italy.

Cut down speed camera in France
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

On Thursday, vigilantes in Bustince-Iriberry, France, toppled the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD933. The same device had only recently been replaced after it was cut down two months ago. Later on Thursday morning, the speed camera on the RN159 in Bertrimoutier was destroyed after it failed to prevent an accident between a truck and a car. A white Renault hatchback struck the heavy goods vehicle, knocking it over and causing it to slide onto the shoulder of the road where it crushed the automated ticketing machine. On Tuesday, a pair of turret speed cameras located on the RD626 in Mimizan and Aureilhan were cut down with a power saw.

In Ketsch, Germany, police were so infuriated that a man driving a company car at the speed limit on the A6 had the audacity to flip off a speed camera that Polizeiprasidium Mannheim issued a press release about the incident on Tuesday. Unable to send the man a speeding ticket for the March 25, the department decided instead to charge him with allegedly following too closely.

In Piano di Collecchia, Italy, a local resident smashed the speed camera on the SP18 on Good Friday. In Grottaferrata, on the outskirts of Rome, vigilantes on Tuesday torched the speed camera on the Via Anagnina, completely destroying the device.

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