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Scottsdale Photo Radar Insured for $5 Million
Worried about lawsuits, Scottsdale, Arizona wants a multi-million dollar insurance policy to protect its new speed camera proposal.

Insurance policyScottsdale, Arizona's proposed digital speed camera network will be covered by a liability insurance policy as a condition of state approval. Australian camera vendor Redflex has suggested a policy worth $5 million would be sufficient, but city officials told the East Valley Tribune that they didn't think it would be enough. Scottsdale would be left paying the remainder of judgments exceeding the insurance amount.

"We really shouldn't be taking on extra liability," said Councilman Bob Littlefield.

If adopted on October 25, Redflex will make $8.4 million off its new contract with the city. Redflex will install and operate the photo radar devices on the Loop 101 freeway and continue to operate its red light and speed camera program on behalf of Scottsdale.

The insurance makes sense if one considers that camera problems have cost jurisdictions around the world millions in the past twelve months:

Source: Freeway photo radar could breed lawsuits (East Valley Tribune (AZ), 10/13/2005)

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