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Australia Struggles to Salvage Camera Reputation
Majority of Australians believe speed cameras are revenue raisers. Victoria, Australia implements measures to improve image.

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An Australian Automobile Association survey of motorists released this week found a solid majority believes speeding fines are issued solely to generate revenue for the state. Public discomfort has grown in the wake of incidents in Victoria, Australia where the government was forced to refund $26 million in fines issued by faulty speed cameras late last year.

The state government in Victoria, Australia announced that it will take the following steps to address these concerns. It will offer 25 percent license renewal fee discounts to motorists who have no demerit points. This amounts to a $10 discount on a three-year renewal. Some 600,000 motorists are scheduled to renew next year, and half of these have points on their license.

The government will also relocate the Spit Hill speed camera that issued tickets to buses for driving speeds they were not actually capable of reaching. The faulty camera will be moved to the F3 Freeway.

The $250 million generated annually from speed cameras, red light cameras and radar guns will be directed toward "safety initiatives" and road improvements, instead of the general fund. The general criteria for speed camera site selection will also be made public, although the camera locations themselves will remain secret.

Source: Rewards for safe drivers (Herald Sun (Australia), 5/3/2005)

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