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South Africa To Refund 44,000 Speed Camera Fines
Cape Town, South Africa may cancel US $2.3 million worth of illegally issued speed camera tickets.

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At least 44,000 speed camera fines were illegally issued in Cape Town, South Africa since last October. The city's problem-plagued speed camera system has faced a number of issues including manipulation of dates on tickets, forgery of motorist signatures and issuance of tickets to the wrong vehicle. The city admits that nearly three thousand tickets were issued after the 30 day deadline for camera citations, violating the guidelines under which the system operates.

The city is considering refunding 2 million rand (US $327,000) to the 6500 individuals who have already paid their fines. The city has instructed Labat Traffic Solutions, which has run the city's camera contract since May 2004, not to attempt collection of the remaining 39,000 tickets. The total revenue involved could be as much as 14 million rand (US $2.3 million). Labat receives a 25 percent bounty for each citation.

Officials blamed the problem on a contract employee "pressing the wrong button."

Article Excerpt:
"It is my personal view that any money paid in terms of any non-compliant notice issued on behalf of the city be refunded and such notices withdrawn." David Erleigh, the councillor responsible for safety and security, said in the statement on Monday night.
Source: 44 000 city traffic fines illegal (Cape Times (South Africa), 5/10/2005)

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