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UK: Speed Camera Stoned
Vigilantes hurl stones and garbage at an Oldham, UK speed camera.

Abbey Hills Road speed camera
A band of vigilantes hurled rocks and garbage at a speed camera in Oldham, UK. The camera which has been in place on Newhey Road in Shaw since July 2005 suffered minor damage. Other cameras in the area have had their lenses spray painted. On June 3, a camera on Abbey Hills Road was beheaded (pictured).

"Anti-social people should know that there is nothing to be gained from damaging cameras," Casualty Reduction Partnership spokesman Phil Matthews told the Oldham Advertiser.

Camera officials do not allow much revenue loss from these camera attacks by moving quickly to address the situation.

"We are committed to repairing them," Matthews said. "We have a strong and robust policy to continue replacing them."

Source: Oldham Advertiser - Police jail warning to speed camera vandals (Oldham Advertiser (UK), 10/12/2006)

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