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Tennessee: Town Looks to Oust Speed Trap Mayor
Residents of Coopertown, Tennessee fight to remove speed trap Mayor Danny Crosby.

Mayor Danny Crosby
More than one-hundred Coopertown, Tennessee residents gathered Monday in an effort to oust Mayor Danny Crosby. At a meeting, the group gathered signatures for a recall petition addressed to the Robertson County district attorney. The effort is being led by Sam Childs who runs the Coopertown News website.

"This man is a power drunk bully," Childs wrote. "It is time we Coopertown citizens did something."

Most recently, Mayor Danny Crosby drew national media attention by refusing to cash the $149.50 check of Nashville motorist T. Allen Morgan because Morgan wrote "for speed trap" in the memo field after receiving a speeding ticket in February. This kicked off an possible criminal inquiry of the mayor's action by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Crosby initially said acceptance of the check would be an admission that the town was in fact a speed trap. He backed down last week and cashed the check. Crosby has earned the speed trap reputation for the town by raising and lowering speed limits to generate revenue.

"These people here can take their best shot because they won't win because the truth and good will always come to the surface," Crosby told the Robertson County Times. "Anything good for our city, I expect them to be against it."

Article Excerpt:
Petition for Ouster of Danny J. Crosby, Mayor, Town of Coopertown, Tennessee

To: John Carney, District Attorney General for Robertson County
101 N 3rd St.
Clarksville, TN 37040

We the undersigned, being residents, citizens and registered voters of the Town of Coopertown, Tennessee, having lost confidence in the management of the affairs of the Town, hereby demand the state Office of Attorney General oust Mayor Danny J. Crosby from office in compliance with TCA, Title 8-47-101 through 108 for the following reasons: financial mismanagement, conflict of interest, abuse of power, use of police department to intimidate citizens, examples of which are: concealing his felony conviction until after early voting had occurred; threatening physical violence against his opponent at the polls on election day; threatening and levying of fines on citizens and others beyond legal authority; refusing to sign a plat for a citizen for zoning although the Planning Commission unanimously had approved it and then firing the State Planner who advised the committee; exposing the Town to undue risk of liability by hiring his underage step-son and an alderman's son to drive a city truck; unauthorized purchase of a city truck after existing one was wrecked; failing to publicly advertise City ordinances after passage; openly attacking and threatening citizens and Aldermen during official Town meetings for voicing dissenting views on issues facing the Board and had one such non threatening dissenter arrested and put in jail overnight; obstructing Aldermen from performing their official duties, removing them from committees, and forbidding them to speak to City attorneys and other City advisors; unilaterally changing speed limits twice in the City without consulting duly elected aldermen; violating citizen's First Amendment rights of free speech by forcing the citizen to appear in court for an acknowledged and paid traffic citation due to defendant expressing his non-threatening thoughts over receiving the citation; demonstrating a pattern of abuse of power through the use of the police department and the court system to intimidate and silence citizen dissent over his decisions and actions. Mayor Crosby has brought a negative image on the City and everyone that lives in the City due to his public, arrogant abuse of power as reported in all local and many Mid-state news media.
Source: Coopertown group wants to oust mayor (Robertson County Times (TN), 3/16/2006)

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