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UK: Motorist Ticketed for Littering on Evidence of a Bystander
A motorist accused of littering received a fine in the mail based on allegations someone mailed to the police.

Cigarette while driving
The changes made to the judicial system in the wake of automated enforcement have consequences beyond just the use of cameras. Tim McAllister, a motorist from Wycombe, UK, received a £50 ticket in the mail because someone had written a letter accusing him of the offense. McAllister denies ever being near the place where the offense allegedly took place.

Under the new laws, it is up to the recipient of such at ticket to defend himself. So it was only after McAllister provided his defense that Wycombe District Council cancelled the fine.

In the US, Washington State Police are encouraging motorists to report on the identity of "aggressive drivers" so that officers can send warning letters to anyone accused.

Article Excerpt:
Mr McAllister, of Terryfield Road, High Wycombe, said: "I see endless opportunities here to fine people for offences they did not commit, and maybe settling a grudge or two by submitting details of someone you don't like. I am struggling with this ability to take the word of one person and charge another person with an offence they had nothing to do with."
Source: GBP50 fine for car owner accused of tossing cigarette out of window (Bucks Free Press (UK), 4/19/2005)

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