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Washington, Arizona Encourage You to Turn Informant
Washington State police and an Arizona police lieutenant encourage motorists to identify agressive drivers.

Spying on neighbors
The Washington State police are asking motorists to rat out fellow drivers whom they believe are being "aggressive." They promise to send state troopers to intimidate those who are frequently identified. Likewise, a police lieutenant in Arizona has set up his own for-profit site with the same mission. If someone accuses you unfairly, you can pay him $25/year for the privilege of correcting the record.

Article Excerpt:
Motorists in Washington can go to the state patrol's Web site and click on a link to report areas where aggressive driving is consistently a problem. They can note what kind of recklessness they've witnessed, when and how often the incidents occur, and the offenders' license plate numbers...

Additionally, law enforcement officers will contact the registered owners of vehicles that are reported repeatedly or are caught in a particularly reckless act, Alexander says.
Source: Web sites let drivers flag road ragers (USA Today, 1/19/2005)

Regional News:
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