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Top UK Cop Wants No More Speed Cameras
UK's top police chief wants to stop expanding speed camera enforcement.

North Wales Chief Richard Brunstrom
With 6,000 speed cameras covering Britain, Richard Brunstrom the head of the Association of Chief Police Officers told the Sunday Mirror that, "We can't keep on going until there is a camera on each lamppost. We've got to stop somewhere." His organization wants to double the number of cameras to 12,000.

Brunstrom cited statistics that showed the nation's camera enforcement efforts had failed to reduce the death toll on the roads. In fact, 3508 fatalities in 2003 marked the highest road toll since 1997.

Brunstrom, who has admitted in the past that some speed limits are "bonkers," is not giving up on camera enforcement. "We want to create a culture where cameras are friends," he said.

Article Excerpt:
Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom has made the amazing U-turn after admitting that the policy is failing to end the carnage on the roads. "We have 6,000 cameras in the UK covering every identifiable hotspot, yet road deaths have gone up," said Mr Brunstrom, head of road policing at the Association of Chief Police Officers.
Source: NO MORE SPEED CAMERAS SAYS TOP COP (Sunday Mirror (UK), 3/13/2005)

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