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Top UK Cop Attacks Speed Limits
Richard Brunstrom, top cop for the North Wales Police, admits that speed limits are bonkers.

Richard Brunstrom, UK Cop
A top UK police chief -- and speed camera advocate -- is complaining that the UK government will not review speed limits. Calling the limit at many sites "bonkers", he urges reform of the system.

Article Excerpt:
THE Chief Constable whose use of speed cameras has sparked anger yesterday branded many speed limits "bonkers" and called for a reform of the system.

Richard Brunstrom of North Wales Police said too many drivers didn't accept cameras were a safety device. John Maxwell, chairman of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, told him his policies made drivers feel "targeted, vulnerable and alienated". He accused him of a "dismal failure to sell" the safety benefits.

Mr Brunstrom said his appeals to the Government for a review of speed limits had "fallen on deaf ears." He told the IAM: "All of us can think of a speed limit not 200 metres from our address that is barmy, utterly bonkers."
Source: SPEED LIMITS ARE BONKERS (The Express (UK), 12/9/2004)

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