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Ireland Fears Speed Cam Backlash, Australian Cam Damaged
Ireland's largest motoring organization warns that private speed cameras could lead to driver backlash. Australian man caught defacing cameras.

AA Ireland
Ireland's largest motoring organization, AA Ireland, is warning that government plans to allow privately operated speed cameras on Irish roads could create a motorist backlash against the "hated" cameras.

In Australia last Thursday a 49 year old man was arrested for spray painting the lens and flash of two speed cameras. He will have a court hearing in two weeks. Australia has experienced the backlash.

Article Excerpt:
FRUSTRATED drivers could launch vigilante attacks if private firms are allowed
to cash in on speed cameras, it was warned yesterday. AA Ireland slammed
Justice Minister Michael McDowell over plans to let "bounty hunters" in on the
Irish roads system....

A DRIVER has been charged with maliciously damaging two fixed speed cameras on
the New England Highway. Hunter Valley highway patrol officers arrested the man last Thursday in his red Toyota sedan on the highway. [Source: Sydney Daily Telegraph, 2/3/05]
Source: Fury at speed camera plans (The Mirror (UK), 2/2/2005)

Regional News:
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