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Australian Survey: Speed Cams are for Profit
National Australian survey finds a majority believe speed cameras are focused on profit.

AAMI survey
The Australian insurance company AAMI has conducted a national survey of motorists, and among its findings is that a majority (56 percent) believe speed cameras are about profit and not safety. A similarly large number (47 percent) believe the devices are inaccurate. Not that AAMI approves of such thinking, applying the phrase "deservedly or not" to the latter finding.

Key Statistic:
(47 per cent) say they do not trust the
accuracy of speed cameras.
56 per cent believe speeding fines are mainly used as a source of revenue than a way to discourage speeding.

Article Excerpt:
Deservedly or not, half of motorists
(47 per cent) say they do not trust the
accuracy of speed cameras. Apart from their
perceived lack of accuracy, motorists are also
cynical about their relationship with broader
road safety strategy.
Source: PDF File 2004 AAMI Crash Index (AAMI, 10/1/2004)

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